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Last Century Film – Moonstruck

1 Sep

Life is simple and not so complicated, the moment you realize that love is not an option and companionship is an easy way out, you are basically done for.

Thanks to destiny and everything against a boring, dull life, we can be saved by Nicolas Cage, sorry… by just letting yourself go. moonstruck

Moonstruck is a very nice oldie were we get to see Cher win her Oscar. We also get a pretty good picture of how we over-think things and tend to complicate our lives in the most unbelievable ways.

We are all full with a bunch of stories in our heads, but it is the full moon that shows up once in a while covering our city with the most insane light, the one with the power to let us do whatever we want, (if you ever needed a reason to stop your drama, here you go, blame it on the moon).

It is a quick, no fuss film with very good performances and very consistent comedic vibe.

Give it a try, hard to be disappointed when you just want to relax and have a good time!

By LaTrosa


Community – When Television is worth it!

22 Aug


I know this is not a surprise to anyone when I say that Community is TV´s perfect comedy.

And I love the BBT! so to say that Community is better is a huge step for me.

I have spent the last 10 days marathon watching, (again) in a very sane and relaxed way (OK I know I have a problem) the TV show , who happens to be on the edge of cancellation and possibly a movie, like every cool amazing show on the wrong network!

I must say that loving TV and movies as much as I do and being able to watch how a TV show goes crazy paying homage to classics, trully making a different kind of comedy and creating a much evolved (at least in my mind) fan base.

I specially appreciate the diversity of the characters and how naturally creepy they are… they remind me of my college pals,

Well, I don’t know, some people don’t like the show, awesome people love it!

Moments of uncertainty in season 4 and now season 5 will happen, it is awesome we will get at least 13 episodes more… would have loved the 22!

I hope NBC saves Community…

By LaTrosa


6 Jun


I have marathon watched Scandal, all 29 episodes, one after the other, no sleeping, barely eating.

I have to say, I was reluctant, I was not buying it, there was something off about it… maybe because I was not sure Kerry Washington could carry the show.

Much to my surprise, and due to the fact that if I have to loose Game of Thrones for a year and Dexter forever I needed a new drama, and boy am I glad I stumbled upon this one…

Shonda Rhimes, created a very clever, particular show, in my opinion is innovative and filled with a mysterious aura that cannot go away.

And don’t get me started on the chemistry between Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington, THE BEST on TV right now, hands down.

Well, this show will have me glued, cannot wait for summer to end so I can get more Scandal.

By LaTrosa

PS: Together with The Following, good TV right there. Both I recommend.

Killing them Softly – Review

30 Mar

I know what happened!

Listen, this film is not as bad, it is just a bit confused.

I will kill you by boring you to death!

I will kill you by boring you to death!

On one hand you have the director wanting to be somewhere in the middle between Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino. On the other you have the writer trying to adapt a book, without missing on the thrilling drama and the main reason for this movie … Killing them Softly.

And this confusion made the movie fail in both!

Well… maybe because the same guy directed and adapted… could have something to do with it!

What more can I say…

I was not really sure casting was good too, don’t get me wrong  I love my piece of Brad Pitt any time, but here he kind of felt down in his energy, I am not sure I understood everything he said and he was not scary killer, or cold blooded… he was just sexy.

There were a couple of moments where good cinema was made like the scene where Brad kills Ray Liotta “softly” is really impressive, or that ever-present humidity… it was weird, uncomfortable and added to the general feel of struggle.

Look, I get the general Idea of the film, or maybe not I don’t know, I think it wanted to show a more organized kind of killing machine… for hire… negotiating… 😦

I get that is shows how life was still going on when America was making democracy relevant again. And I get it was supposed to be violent, you know, for all the blood, beatings and shooting… well… kind of…

… better get cracking on the next review… hopefully from a more consistent film.

By LaTrosa

Edit: the soundtrack however… a horse of a different color.

Moneyball – Review

26 Nov

This movie was not given its real praise… Baseball is not that interesting for everyone.

It is not about winning, it is about winning all the time!

And it is normal to under appreciate a life adaptation, because most of us have seen it unfold in front of our very eyes; it is only there when we watch on the big screen the events unfolding when we can appreciate the real meaning of everything that happened.

Moneyball, showed two main things.

1. The undeniable power of a real life drama when brought to the big screen. In theory we are all a great movie waiting to happen, but the right one can generate a new kind of following, the need for a great story is so important for the future of cinema that we overlook sometimes the next door folk. Moneyball might just be a baseball movie, but, in retrospect is the way reality should translate to cinema.

2. Actors need to act, and some even go to producing to do it (actors claim it is what they love to do, but lets face it, money is in producing and in producing are the good roles), are those roles the ones that have brought most of the award-winning performances and nominations.

This film is no exception, most of the actors got nominations, recognizing the talent to portray real life as their own and  the capacity to make a true story movie look lees like a documentary.

This is a movie I will even watch on TV re-runs on some holiday, is so not boring and a movie for my collection.

Besides, Brad Pitt is getting better with age… like Jack Nicholson or Whiskey.


By Latrosa

The Campaign – 2012 – Review

8 Nov

The guy who was supposed to win…won!

The end.

If you vote for me I will punch you in the face.

Just kidding. I decided to join my american friends in their democratic pleasure of electing their president, by watching an election related film.

I chose The campaign only because I needed to see silly and untrustworthy politicians… (who in their right mind would like to see that?… apparently me) AND because I need a Will Ferrell fix.

I know little about american politics, but somehow behind the curtain of mockery we can find hidden all those unwanted secrets that become a loud protest.

As an american film it is clear what kind of behavior is it mocking; face it, nobody cares about Uruguayan politicians even if they are as creepy as everywhere else; somehow I feel is that the move speaks to us all, the people, the tax payer, the movie goer!

It was entertaining the usual Will Ferrell way (I wanted to see him as Bush, but I get why he did not use that), and Zach Galifianakis was a vision, that guy is brilliant!

A little over doing it on the stereotype but all in all a decent funny film.

Just one short note related to the subject of this film, Politicians are not really providing the tools for us to make them feel accountable for their actions and the not fulfillment of their job description, power and greed go hand in hand, we just need to educate ourselves about the power we have without falling into anarchy.

By Latrosa

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