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The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

6 Apr

I wanted to drop a few lines on one of the best seasons of TWD. the-walking-dead-season-4-finale-poster-rick

Season 4 was a display of amazing writing. Separating everyone into groups and  providing them with stories that alone were suspenseful, exciting and deadly was one of the best things about the season.

But lets don’t forget one thing, it was Rick’s transformation, from the beginning till the end that glued the whole thing together, even if he wasn’t in every episode I could see how his impact carried everyone and how much his behavior helped model the rest.

The lengths he is capable of reaching now are clear to us, we also know how his brain works, and in how many levels it operates.

His survival instincts and then everyone else’s will overtake next season.

Who are we kidding, the walking dead are not the walkers….

Great season… hands down, one of the best.

By LaTrosa



25 Oct

I will like to update the list of TV shows I follow because some things have changed.

First I want to start with shows I no longer watch.

Sons of Anarchy: Last season ended in a low tone for me…  there were good moments in the season but it did not deliver at the end. Story is falling  so I am leaving.

Private Practice: There are limits to quality writing, this never achieved it and totally lost me… what was I thinking!

Desperate housewifes: Cancelled and it ended lukewarm as the series.

House: Soft end to a show that re-defined character acting and medical shows… very missed.

And based on the start of the season and episodes aired so far I nominate my Top 3:

3. The Big Bang Theory … Real comedy…

2. The Good Wife… Better than ever, this show knows how to do it!

1. The Walking Dead … We are all infected!

Next month I will update Cheap Thrills and the top 3 as a whole ( things might change in quality so it is good to keep things in perspective), specially  adding shows I am evaluating, believe it or not, apart from Fringe, there are no other shows that might get prematurely cancelled and I need to give  new shows a chance.

Results may vary

PS: I do not have free time… but somehow I manage to squeeze all these shows in!

By LaTrosa

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