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Last century film review – Princess Mononoke 1997

14 Apr

That fantastic land only the very best storytellers can create.

Let us gather around the the table and talk about our future.

Let us gather around the table and talk about our future.

And quoting Queen ” is this the real life, is this just fantasy?… well people I hope it is fantasy, because it rules!

1997, the year where Mononoke- Hime was born from the amazing brains of Hayao Miyazake.

The adventure to discover the world around you, the things we don’t see, the things we take for granted, where you discover what sacrifices are you ready to make for the benefit of all are really gratifying.

What we get to see during this film is the collision of greed and neglect with the world we live a world passively trying to protect us just by providing those amazing things we are yet to discover; in this case our two heroes try to protect what is worth saving in their eyes, and if you ask me, and the way this is going, we humans are not worth saving!

There is a dark period for animation at the beginning of the 2000´s, leaving the last century with classic films for the eyes and for the brains, real work was done to create animation not with a message but with essence and imagination.

Lovely film with much more impact than we give it credit for.

By LaTrosa

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