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The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

6 Apr

I wanted to drop a few lines on one of the best seasons of TWD. the-walking-dead-season-4-finale-poster-rick

Season 4 was a display of amazing writing. Separating everyone into groups and  providing them with stories that alone were suspenseful, exciting and deadly was one of the best things about the season.

But lets don’t forget one thing, it was Rick’s transformation, from the beginning till the end that glued the whole thing together, even if he wasn’t in every episode I could see how his impact carried everyone and how much his behavior helped model the rest.

The lengths he is capable of reaching now are clear to us, we also know how his brain works, and in how many levels it operates.

His survival instincts and then everyone else’s will overtake next season.

Who are we kidding, the walking dead are not the walkers….

Great season… hands down, one of the best.

By LaTrosa


Out of season!

23 May

grimm 2

It is the end of TV´s most engaging season and I am finally going to get some rest! Summer here I come!

Here is in short how it ended for me, one thing, cliff hangers are my thing.. I am glad I did not get many of those, I’m not in the mood!

How I Met Your Mother:  We have to stop being excited, the fact that we know who the umbrella girl is doesn’t mean Ted does,  God knows when will he actually meet her.

The Big Bang theory: I don’t mind Rajesh being able to talk to girls, my problem is that he is now much more of a girl than before! I can hear him whining already.

Grimm: I enjoy this show so much, the same way I loved Supernatural at the very beginning; this season was very engaging and the season finale was a very good surprise, I am mostly looking forward to this show next season.

The Good Wife: I am pretty sure next season will show us how the good wife is not so good! It gets spicier with time!

Once Upon a Time: The whole season was filled with ups and downs, felt lost and weird, much like a chicken without a head, that being said, I think next season will be more consistent with the fairy tale world and we kind of needed it.

Greys Anatomy: Trouble in paradise is the usual theme here, this time however, the drama was spot on, one of the strongest in years, is Richard dead?

The whole season was very good in general for most of the TV shows I follow, I actually didn’t drop any of them so… Good right?

Until the next season starts we have to see Game of Thrones end and the start of Dexter for the final year!

Cannot wait to see how that one ends… here is a good view of what lies ahead.


By LaTrosa

The Drama ends!

24 May

Season Finales for Drama series are here.

And while some of them ended forever, some really left us hanging.

House is over, somehow I saw it coming after Cuddy left, the remaining season I saw him trying to be human? but he delivered at the end what he is capable of, the pranks and the way his friendship with Wilson developed, showed how important in his life were his team and his best friend, even more important than himself.

Desperate Housewives  (I consider a Dramedy), ended like it always did, women always get what they want and end up getting away with murder too. In a long run of ups and downs, a lot was talked about what goes inside closed knit neighborhoods, and what crazy stories are cooking! I won’t say they will be missed, all I wonder is… are they hirable?

Greys Anatomy ended one of the best seasons in my opinion, why? because they returned to the medicine balancing all those personal stories with real cases that kept it interesting, making it easy to feel shocked by the finale. Next season, hopefully, there will keep it that way, with more drama and Christina and Owen back together.

The Good Wife, well, this season was fun, not a lot of sexy time but Kalinda was awesome, and, opening the door to her past was very well placed. Now, Will the company bankrupt? will the evil Michael Keaton win? stay tuned.

Special mention to Dexter, who left the best cliff hanger I have seen in the series (after Rita’s death), Justified who better pick  up its pace next season because this one was pretty weak.


And what show I might give a chance?

This one



By Latrosa


Season Finale comedy

19 May

The time has come and some of my favorite TV shows are nearing or have reached season finale.

It was all about family and commitment.

Some of the most difficult characters in terms of emotions got closer to a relationship  like Sheldon with Amy  and Howard got married in The Big Bang Theory, others got over their fears and realized they are meant to be together like Robyn and Barney  in How I Met Your Mother (belated spoiler alert).

In 30 Rock some very clear revelations were made, I personally laughed my ass off some pretty serious stuff about trust, fidelity, commitment and basic instincts.

What I think was a weak season for Modern Family, it revealed something quite unusual, it separated all the characters, like individuals, and gave them it’s own space, giving them more personality and teaching us the viewer more about each other.

What I noticed is that sometimes we grow tired of each other, and maybe we need time alone, without forgetting about our own support sistem, our family.

Special mention to Shameless and Californication who have reached a very adult and clever  way to show us how very full of crap we sometimes are!

Enjoy this clip below about the comedy I will (might) watch next.

By Latrosa

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