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Last Century film – Roman Holiday

31 Jul

It kind of looks like I forgot about my blog, and I have been short on posting, but all i was doing was going crazy with my new Netflix addiction (and some other stuff for instance… more human interaction).

Hi, I am new in town, have no money but like to have fun, want to join me? Where have I heard that one before...

Hi, I am new in town, have no money but like to have fun, want to join me? Where have I heard that one before…

I decided to watch an old film I knew nothing about, and quite honestly, was not very keen to watch but, hey, you know me, quite the undecided type.

Roman Holiday is an old film, black and white with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, an unlikely match if you ask me as Mr. Peck tends to be a bit cold and stiff on-screen.

So the film, yes, well, it was like a tourist welcoming package to Rome, I often felt I was just supposed to say: hey I wanna go there, I want to see that, I want to ride on a motorcycle… I want to be caught by the police for braking the law and then be released just because young love is very important…

It is a classic, but the only real thing about this film is the sense of adventure that lasts just a fraction of our lives, and to be honest, the happy ending we usually get from a summer fling.

I don’t think I change my opinion about Rome with this film, because most of us know the tourist attractions are the only ones clean… you know, for the pictures.

A movie you must watch just because, classic and stuff, nothing major, but a classic non the less.


By LaTrosa




Last Century – La Vita e Bella – 1997

11 Dec

I was wondering what movie to watch to lift up my spirits, in  a true old style romantic way, so I decided La Vita e Bella was the movie to go for different reasons.

Ignore the background and you will see the magnifficense

Ignore the background and you will see the magnificence

Somehow, and it might just be me, but, everything in Italian sounds so sensual and culturally intriguing, so a successful italian movie should have those ingredients at least.

War movies are not my thing but, a war movie where war is just an accessory is plain brilliant, take the personal story and paste it in war anywhere and you will have a winning film.

In this particular case however we´ve most probably have to take also Roberto Benigni, because he is a fantastic actor who has the power to master the physical humor, and translate such an amazing story.

This story is so particular and unbelievable that you want it to be real, you need to know there was hope among all that horror, and it works, you cry like a little girl but you still think life is beautiful, and not only love will save the day but a friggin´positive attitude will take you a long way.

This classic film will lift you up and crash you every time you need a reality check, will help you put things into perspective and teach you to put value into the real things.

Add it to your watch list or collection, it is worth it.

And your lady friend will need a crying shoulder at some point…

By LaTrosa

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