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The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

6 Apr

I wanted to drop a few lines on one of the best seasons of TWD. the-walking-dead-season-4-finale-poster-rick

Season 4 was a display of amazing writing. Separating everyone into groups and  providing them with stories that alone were suspenseful, exciting and deadly was one of the best things about the season.

But lets don’t forget one thing, it was Rick’s transformation, from the beginning till the end that glued the whole thing together, even if he wasn’t in every episode I could see how his impact carried everyone and how much his behavior helped model the rest.

The lengths he is capable of reaching now are clear to us, we also know how his brain works, and in how many levels it operates.

His survival instincts and then everyone else’s will overtake next season.

Who are we kidding, the walking dead are not the walkers….

Great season… hands down, one of the best.

By LaTrosa


The Walking Dead season 4 Premiere

14 Oct

How fantastically spooky, tense and action packed was this episode, trouble in paradise has never felt so real, and to think that we know that even if last season walkers were not the center of the show, I am sure in this episode we got all the walkers we wanted.

I love this show, after Breaking Bad ended I needed it to keep my withdrawal  in check

Here is a preview of this amazing show, a season we can see getting back to its roots: Infection!

Community – When Television is worth it!

22 Aug


I know this is not a surprise to anyone when I say that Community is TV´s perfect comedy.

And I love the BBT! so to say that Community is better is a huge step for me.

I have spent the last 10 days marathon watching, (again) in a very sane and relaxed way (OK I know I have a problem) the TV show , who happens to be on the edge of cancellation and possibly a movie, like every cool amazing show on the wrong network!

I must say that loving TV and movies as much as I do and being able to watch how a TV show goes crazy paying homage to classics, trully making a different kind of comedy and creating a much evolved (at least in my mind) fan base.

I specially appreciate the diversity of the characters and how naturally creepy they are… they remind me of my college pals,

Well, I don’t know, some people don’t like the show, awesome people love it!

Moments of uncertainty in season 4 and now season 5 will happen, it is awesome we will get at least 13 episodes more… would have loved the 22!

I hope NBC saves Community…

By LaTrosa

Game of Thrones – S3 ep9 – killing them softly!

4 Jun

I wonder every time an episode starts, who is going to die today?… Well, I am not really sure I should have an answer to that question EVERY SINGLE TIME!

The red wedding has been the most shocking thing I have ever seen on GoT… and I was actually expecting it.

I love this show… it breaks my heart… I hate this show!


Will we ever win?

One episode left and the season is over… WHO WILL BE NEXT?

By LaTrosa

Finally Cancelled

11 May
Heads will roll

Heads will roll

My cheap thrills reached the month of May or as I like to call them… Guillotine month!

To be perfectly honest, I ignored 90% of these shows, I am slightly sad about the rest because I was going to pick up some of them myself… but… as they say… one viewer makes no money!

I will start with NBC because they are TV butchers numero uno!

And lets face it we will finish with CBS because most probably it will be them picking up some of these!

Whitney, 1600 Penn, Up All Night, Guys with KidsAnimal Practice, Do No Harm, Deception, 30 Rock*, Go On, Smash, The New Normal, The Office (it was cancelled but manages to end on its own terms)

Touch, Ben and Kate, Fringe, The Mob Doctor

The CW
Cult, 90210, Emily Owens M.D., Gossip Girl

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23666 Park Avenue, Last Resort, Private Practice, Zero Hour, Happy EndingsMalibu Country, Body of Proof

SouthlandMonday MorningsSpartacus: Blood and SandBurn Notice*Dexter *

Partners, Made in Jersey, The Job, CSI: NY,Vegas, Rules of Engagement, Golden Boy

I will be updating this list as it evolves.

* These shows end on their own terms!

By LaTrosa

TV Show – The Following

14 Mar
Wait a second, I have a plan!

Wait a second, I have a plan!


You know in your heart  you need to watch this show to see Kevin Bacon fail miserably in trying to catch the bad guy. As with all FBI shows, they seem to be two steps behind, almost getting close, nearly catching them, and nothing!

We must face reality, this show has the potential to go forever and ever and ever … because, chances are, they wont win! Like Law and Order, this show is heading in that direction.

It has been 8 episodes and the Following is getting larger like a spider web, with even larger possibilities and very interesting questions about humans!

Like for instance:

  • Pacemakers make us look really bad in stressful situations!
  • Children are not so reliable with decision making
  • Women are never to be trusted
  • Fear cripples

I really enjoy this show, it is not frustrating and is very, VERY evil!

By LaTrosa

SAG Awards

28 Jan


Actors doing what they love best… getting attention from fellow actors!

The Screen Actor Guild Awards were delivered yesterday; TV and movie performances received the coveted recognition… as it is turning out…. not a lot of surprises except the unbelievable speed Argo is reaching.

Here is the link to the full list but shortly here they are.


Daniel Day-Lewis

Tina Fey

Jennifer Lawrence


Oscars are in about a month… I hope the academy gets it!

By LaTrosa

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