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American Hustle – Review

12 Mar

It was colorful, fast paced, interesting photography, cool directing, great dresses and amazing boobs.

Good soundtrack!

Good soundtrack!

But, I didn’t feel the era, didn’t feel transported to that time where people embraced the curl and synthetic materials, it was just a love story, a survival story, a very awkward situation with Oceans 11 or The Italian Job elements plastered all around trying to make it up for the star studded cast. 

I felt the story, although in parts real, it was too far-fetched and dragged too long, maybe to give some screen time to some of the actors… I dont know, but, I love me some Jennifer Lawrence any time, but her character was too forced, some unnecessary scenes here and there…great performance but well… it just wasn’t a character to remember.

And that is where I want to go, none of the actors blended or disappeared into their roles, (well, I know not everyone can be Meryl Streep), for instance I could still see Bradley Cooper panicking in Bangkok and Batman’s voice all over the place but it was Amy Adams unbelievably bad British accent that threw me off and lost all hope.

This year the nominated for the awards were so different and specially entertaining in their own way, that it is hard to compare with one another, one thing is clear tough, American Husle was just entertainment, not a real contender in my point of view.

By LaTrosa


August: Osage County

26 Feb

And the vortex where all the dysfunction in the wold collides is right here ladies and gentleman.

I think I turned out just fine... just fine!!

I think I turned out just fine… just fine!!

August : Osage County is, without a doubt, every psychologist dream AND nightmare came true.

I am a sucker for a family drama where not a single person functions, everyone is so full of regrets and blame and in a way, they blend so well that it all plays out just fine, much like a perfect symphony, played for deaf people.

Here drama is real, regrets are not really important, what matters is blame and responsibility, who do you want to be next to when you grow old… how are you harvesting the seeds of a solid family tie.

This might sound heavy and the film heavy too, but it is not, Osage is the single most dynamic film of the year, it is even funny in moments, with a performance by Meryl Streep of the highest caliber and a very well balanced supporting cast.

Book and play are established as classics, the film makes it the triangle of perfect entertainment… I love it…

And you will love it too, if you are comfortable with realizing that your mother is actually not an evil witch trying to ruin your life… she is a frigging angel! You are very close to your siblings and your relationships are as normal as they get.

By LaTrosa

Last Century film – Roman Holiday

31 Jul

It kind of looks like I forgot about my blog, and I have been short on posting, but all i was doing was going crazy with my new Netflix addiction (and some other stuff for instance… more human interaction).

Hi, I am new in town, have no money but like to have fun, want to join me? Where have I heard that one before...

Hi, I am new in town, have no money but like to have fun, want to join me? Where have I heard that one before…

I decided to watch an old film I knew nothing about, and quite honestly, was not very keen to watch but, hey, you know me, quite the undecided type.

Roman Holiday is an old film, black and white with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, an unlikely match if you ask me as Mr. Peck tends to be a bit cold and stiff on-screen.

So the film, yes, well, it was like a tourist welcoming package to Rome, I often felt I was just supposed to say: hey I wanna go there, I want to see that, I want to ride on a motorcycle… I want to be caught by the police for braking the law and then be released just because young love is very important…

It is a classic, but the only real thing about this film is the sense of adventure that lasts just a fraction of our lives, and to be honest, the happy ending we usually get from a summer fling.

I don’t think I change my opinion about Rome with this film, because most of us know the tourist attractions are the only ones clean… you know, for the pictures.

A movie you must watch just because, classic and stuff, nothing major, but a classic non the less.


By LaTrosa



The Hunger Games – Catching Fire – Trailer

20 Jul

I am not very excited with this trailer… something is off… to many things going on, I am kind of feeling like there is more drama and less action… ant way too much makeup!



PS: I am not commenting on the Emmy nominations because they are BLAH!


A Single Man – 2009 – Film Review

15 Jul

Must of us in our mundane lives can only hope to achieve the intensity of love portrayed on this film.

Love that defies reason and escapes explanation, it just happens because it is supposed to.

This is as much as I allow myself to be without you.

This is as much as I allow myself to live without you.

The worst thing is that once you are left alone, becoming the only one capable of expressing such love, you suddenly run out of options.

Unless life itself gives you that second chance of looking at what you lost and turn it into joy and sheer pleasure, because your life is not over, until it has to end.

Tom Ford directed A Single Man the way I can imagine he designs clothes, with fabulous people surrounding him, with an incredible amount of colorful items for inspirations and great music. He gave the movie a palette of deep understanding and emotions, rarely met on screen.

It was not a standard choice to me, based on a book  by Christopher Isherwood and adapted by the director itself, curiosity drove me to the film mostly, and I soon forgot who was directing and was overtaken by the story.

I was mesmerized by Colin Firth, brilliantly portraying this heartbroken English teacher about his day, remembering better days and hoping all his suffering would end soon. His performance alone was so perfect I remembered saying to myself, “he is a god”.

So I was barely paying attention to the mood swings paired with color changes in the atmosphere (I only cached that at the end), once i saw it and put things together this film became bigger, deeper and more intense, it is as if my every day needed such palettes.

I have to recommend this 100%… it is so sweet and intense that you would want to see more like it.

By LaTrosa


The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug Trailer

11 Jun

The only trailer that never disappoints


Star Trek – Into Darkness – Review

19 May

If I could measure my anticipation, my heart beats a gazillion times and my hair is falling!

What wouldn't you do for your crew!

What wouldn’t you do for your crew!

As with all my Star  Trek experiences both on TV or cinema, I tend to enter them with a clear mind ready to be taken into an adventure; but my expectations overwhelm me and I start to freak out and read too much into every detail.

I liked the film, in general it was pleasant and without major incidents, it just felt in parts as if too much drama was inserted, and that part felt a bit off, other than that, I am happy! I had fun and was really into it… maybe I needed more action, I might have to give it a second viewing… I don’t mind that at all!

All the great references to Wrath of Kahan and the TV series, the growing bond of the crew, plus the great performances made this film a part of those movie franchises that can go on for a very long time appealing to newer generations and the old Trekkie.

It was fun and it was smart, a movie that without any doubt establishes itself as cultural icon.

J.J. Abrams did with Star Trek Into Darkness what it did to Super 8, gave us an action dramedy, I am liking him a lot as a director lately…  but I am not sure it will do something remarkable with Star Wars, other that squeezing himself into the time periods where Darth Vader was still alive… I don’t know… that is whole different topic.

So good start for the summer … now back to finals!

By LaTrosa

PS: Boy was I impressed with Benedict Cumberbatch…

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