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Last Century Film – Moonstruck

1 Sep

Life is simple and not so complicated, the moment you realize that love is not an option and companionship is an easy way out, you are basically done for.

Thanks to destiny and everything against a boring, dull life, we can be saved by Nicolas Cage, sorry… by just letting yourself go. moonstruck

Moonstruck is a very nice oldie were we get to see Cher win her Oscar. We also get a pretty good picture of how we over-think things and tend to complicate our lives in the most unbelievable ways.

We are all full with a bunch of stories in our heads, but it is the full moon that shows up once in a while covering our city with the most insane light, the one with the power to let us do whatever we want, (if you ever needed a reason to stop your drama, here you go, blame it on the moon).

It is a quick, no fuss film with very good performances and very consistent comedic vibe.

Give it a try, hard to be disappointed when you just want to relax and have a good time!

By LaTrosa


Last Century – All About Eve – 1950

10 Jun

Looking for an oldie I have heard of but never saw… stumbled upon this film.

They don’t make them like this any more people, actresses I mean, for reals, who can it be now, that can transform and transport you so brilliantly into the life of a character, nobody, sadly nobody.

Any resemblance to reality is purely a coincidence

These performances are so great that you kind of forget the back story, and you know what, it does not matter.

But we need to know what was going on!, look, there is this very successful person surrounded my appreciation and recognition, and then there is this second one, who is longing for  the life and success of the first one and does not care who she has to step on to do it.

It happens in life, to almost anyone, we envy or someone envies us,  and at the end of the day there is nothing we can do about it, as long as we don’t mess really with the lives of others.

This is a very dynamic and cleverly written movie that can use any back story, in this case the theater seemed the most obvious (I happen to know a bit about theatre life and believe me, it is annoyingly true), that premise gave this movie the glamour and elegance and gave us a great movie.

For some reason rotten Tomatoes categorizes this movie as a comedy, IT IS NOT, it is a drama, a light drama with Marilyn Monroe as an air head! (no surprise there).

Nice oldie experience, nothing over indulgent.

All about Eve, a woman, any, who wants to make it!


By Latrosa

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