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Veronica Mars Trailer 2014

3 Jan

This brings up memories!

Things were just so simple! we were so brave!


Edge of Tomorrow – Trailer

22 Dec

I haven’t seen a Tom Cruise movie in ages… and somehow I think I’ve seen this one before…


47 Ronin – Trailer

9 Oct

Or…”How to train your kung Fu panda in the matrix”… I am not very sure about this one… but we’ll just have wait and see.


Need for Speed – Trailer

29 Sep

I played this game so many times and it gets me excited to see Aaron Paul on the big screen…. kid is nice… but.. I can’t stop wondering if any other film out there covers the same scenario….

Divergent – Trailer

27 Aug

Half the people in this trailer look constipated… the other half …well they are trying too hard not to be!


The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug Trailer

11 Jun

The only trailer that never disappoints


Machete Kills – Trailer

1 Jun

Carlos Estevez… epicness begins here!



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