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Last Century Film – Moonstruck

1 Sep

Life is simple and not so complicated, the moment you realize that love is not an option and companionship is an easy way out, you are basically done for.

Thanks to destiny and everything against a boring, dull life, we can be saved by Nicolas Cage, sorry… by just letting yourself go. moonstruck

Moonstruck is a very nice oldie were we get to see Cher win her Oscar. We also get a pretty good picture of how we over-think things and tend to complicate our lives in the most unbelievable ways.

We are all full with a bunch of stories in our heads, but it is the full moon that shows up once in a while covering our city with the most insane light, the one with the power to let us do whatever we want, (if you ever needed a reason to stop your drama, here you go, blame it on the moon).

It is a quick, no fuss film with very good performances and very consistent comedic vibe.

Give it a try, hard to be disappointed when you just want to relax and have a good time!

By LaTrosa


A Single Man – 2009 – Film Review

15 Jul

Must of us in our mundane lives can only hope to achieve the intensity of love portrayed on this film.

Love that defies reason and escapes explanation, it just happens because it is supposed to.

This is as much as I allow myself to be without you.

This is as much as I allow myself to live without you.

The worst thing is that once you are left alone, becoming the only one capable of expressing such love, you suddenly run out of options.

Unless life itself gives you that second chance of looking at what you lost and turn it into joy and sheer pleasure, because your life is not over, until it has to end.

Tom Ford directed A Single Man the way I can imagine he designs clothes, with fabulous people surrounding him, with an incredible amount of colorful items for inspirations and great music. He gave the movie a palette of deep understanding and emotions, rarely met on screen.

It was not a standard choice to me, based on a book  by Christopher Isherwood and adapted by the director itself, curiosity drove me to the film mostly, and I soon forgot who was directing and was overtaken by the story.

I was mesmerized by Colin Firth, brilliantly portraying this heartbroken English teacher about his day, remembering better days and hoping all his suffering would end soon. His performance alone was so perfect I remembered saying to myself, “he is a god”.

So I was barely paying attention to the mood swings paired with color changes in the atmosphere (I only cached that at the end), once i saw it and put things together this film became bigger, deeper and more intense, it is as if my every day needed such palettes.

I have to recommend this 100%… it is so sweet and intense that you would want to see more like it.

By LaTrosa


Margaret – 2011

29 Jun

Some of you might be aware of my opinion about adolescence… if you are not, here it is:


I am not sure growing up is a very good idea.

I am not sure growing up is a very good idea.

In Margaret, we get to see how the not fully developed brain of a teenager tries to understand the world. (not to get scientific or anything, but, neurons are not fully developed in our teens and hormones run amok). I am sure about one thing, a drama with such a deep understanding of my earlier stated fact has rarely been made.

This film is one of those moments where few things combine to very positive results:

The writing – New YorkAnna Paquin

The story is not what we think it is about. From the get go we are drawn to believe we are here to see the story about a girl and an accident she witnessed, nope, it was about how a teenager learns to deal with the things that will shape up its future, the growing up, that obligatory scenario we all must reach.

New York is one of my favorites in terms of back drops, it gives a heaviness, an importance, something would make a film élite just by showing the Brooklyn bridge in my opinion. It created a nest of protection towards this girl wanting to do the right thing, it was an accomplice and an enemy.

Anna Paquin was superb in this film, I am rarely amazed by her acting because I know she can pull it off, but this time she gave a great performance that went unrecognized. I was really absorbed by her, I identified and believed her story.

I recommend every parent of a teenager see this movie, to get some perspective, to try not to go nuts when they feel their teenager is “slipping” away; we all grew out of those horrible years, it depends on the support and patience of everyone around how we will manage from then on.

By LaTrosa

PS:Is this is a film for grown ups? possibly!

Invictus Movie Review

1 May

I know must of you have seen Invictus by now,  to tell you the truth I just did a couple of minutes ago and had to rush to write my review.

Ask yourself what can you do for yourself!

Ask yourself what can you do for yourself!

And I was lost for words for a while, could not even begin, but then I remembered a fantastic thing said to me by that voice in my head (Morgan Freeman): “forgiveness is a powerful weapon”.

Because it was the reason of the film, fighting with one word, teaching all of us how to forgive those who have hurt us; the hard way but the effective way to look past the mistakes of others and find the good in them. Lets face it, holding a grudge takes us nowhere, and we need to achieve greatness right?

This is history, it cannot get better than this, you cannot touch reality in any other way other than re-telling it, and Clint Eastwood has done it, as with all his movies, he makes you feel sorry you were not there, part of it… you realize you were totally wasting your time while the world was happening, what were you doing… probably playing on your Nintendo or something!

These are the stories to tell, the motivation we need from time to time to grow and to love and be brave… and to go out and get in the mud and play anything, do anything you love doing, reach out and be awesome, to yourself first, then to others.

It has been a while since I have seen a film that leaves me in such good spirits, and as it was recommended to me by someone whose opinion I value, I recommend it to you today without hesitation.

Good movie.

By LaTrosa

P.S: “…I am the captain of my soul” how clever is that!

Killing them Softly – Review

30 Mar

I know what happened!

Listen, this film is not as bad, it is just a bit confused.

I will kill you by boring you to death!

I will kill you by boring you to death!

On one hand you have the director wanting to be somewhere in the middle between Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino. On the other you have the writer trying to adapt a book, without missing on the thrilling drama and the main reason for this movie … Killing them Softly.

And this confusion made the movie fail in both!

Well… maybe because the same guy directed and adapted… could have something to do with it!

What more can I say…

I was not really sure casting was good too, don’t get me wrong  I love my piece of Brad Pitt any time, but here he kind of felt down in his energy, I am not sure I understood everything he said and he was not scary killer, or cold blooded… he was just sexy.

There were a couple of moments where good cinema was made like the scene where Brad kills Ray Liotta “softly” is really impressive, or that ever-present humidity… it was weird, uncomfortable and added to the general feel of struggle.

Look, I get the general Idea of the film, or maybe not I don’t know, I think it wanted to show a more organized kind of killing machine… for hire… negotiating… 😦

I get that is shows how life was still going on when America was making democracy relevant again. And I get it was supposed to be violent, you know, for all the blood, beatings and shooting… well… kind of…

… better get cracking on the next review… hopefully from a more consistent film.

By LaTrosa

Edit: the soundtrack however… a horse of a different color.

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