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August: Osage County

26 Feb

And the vortex where all the dysfunction in the wold collides is right here ladies and gentleman.

I think I turned out just fine... just fine!!

I think I turned out just fine… just fine!!

August : Osage County is, without a doubt, every psychologist dream AND nightmare came true.

I am a sucker for a family drama where not a single person functions, everyone is so full of regrets and blame and in a way, they blend so well that it all plays out just fine, much like a perfect symphony, played for deaf people.

Here drama is real, regrets are not really important, what matters is blame and responsibility, who do you want to be next to when you grow old… how are you harvesting the seeds of a solid family tie.

This might sound heavy and the film heavy too, but it is not, Osage is the single most dynamic film of the year, it is even funny in moments, with a performance by Meryl Streep of the highest caliber and a very well balanced supporting cast.

Book and play are established as classics, the film makes it the triangle of perfect entertainment… I love it…

And you will love it too, if you are comfortable with realizing that your mother is actually not an evil witch trying to ruin your life… she is a frigging angel! You are very close to your siblings and your relationships are as normal as they get.

By LaTrosa


Adaptation – Review

21 Apr

This film is a creative explosion!

A writers dream come true, to be able to explore the depths of its own mind and the discovery of scenarios filled with dreams, needs, emotions and fear.

I want to make sure my life is messed up before writing about it.

I want to make sure my life is messed up before writing about it.

All this is happening before the movie starts!

An amazing writing extravaganza! On one hand we have the screen writer and on the other we have the screen writer and his hidden self, that someone sleeping inside his brain slowly waking up… the amazing way we know lines blur between reality and fiction, bringing us back and forth all possible dimensions.

Adaptation is an instant classic, mind bending, truth bending.

The movie itself can generate a blog only about it (well that is an idea) all the philosophical implications are so intertwined and important  even mentioning one theory now will definitely oblige me to develop a thesis and this could go long.

But that basic instinct of the film, of the writer and the way he looks at himself, of his writers block, of his brother and how he values him, and his fear to love and connect is there, repeatedly crashing against your beliefs, of what you know, and how many risks do you take… how far can you go.

But remember this is a movie where the movie is not so important!

I know this review could be a bit shallow but hey, I am open to go deeper on this topic, just drop me a line and we can start dissecting this movie.

Adaptation, If only I could have the brains to go there.

By LaTrosa

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