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Captain America – Winter Soldier

27 Apr
I don't need a parachute, but I need somebody to love.

I don’t need a parachute, but I need somebody to love.

Do we know what a comic is all about? do we really want to know once they translate into the big screen? can we really tell what the message really was?

For a very short moment there I had the feeling Marvel just might have started hinting if the public would accept a sort of criticism to the establishment. The film had that nonconformist feeling, the thin red line was very carefully drawn and I like it a lot.

Having said that, it is a very strong action film with the carefully put elements of mystery, suspense, action and romance (much to my horror), all in all the formula was well handled executed and it paid off as usual.

There is no much you can say about writing or directing because, lets face it, it doesn’t really matter to us, look, if there are action scenes,  guys are hooked, and if there is a shirtless Captain America girls get hooked.

So unless we all grow tired of these kind of films, they will keep on coming. But wait, I know as a fact that not a lot of people around the world know Ant Man or any other dark hero, so it might be harder for them to bring in the millions. Just saying.

By LaTrosa



Thor: The Dark World – trailer

28 Apr

I . must . watch . because …LOKI!



The Amazing Spider Man … Again!

5 May

I can’t stop to wonder if this movie is way too soon after the last “incarnation” but, at least this guy is, I don’t know.. taller?




But to be honest, all this super hero theme is overreacting!

Prelude to Summer

2 May

Summer is just around the corner and May will bring us a very decent looking group of movies for us to enjoy, including

The Avengers

Dark Shadows

The Dictator

Moonrise Kingdom

You can find the trailers here on this blog!

Another movie coming up is Hysteria… and by the looks of it, it is a period comedy with a taboo topic, AND a very decent english accent by Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Here is the Trailer…. and Rupert Everett!

From all the movies this month I am planning to watch them all!!

The Avengers Assemble

7 Mar

I know I am like a week late to post this but what the hell here I go!

The Avengers Assemble

In my wildest dreams have I ever seen such a fantastic, addictive trailer.

It has the super power of:


No trashing this trailer in a million years instead, it is looking like the movie won’t suck so much.

Find a link to the page in IMDB ( virtual movie heaven) until I can insert video into the blog!


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