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Airplane Movie – American Beauty

7 Dec

Flight sponsored by the middle-aged you, laughing at the younger you. 

American Beauty

I am as real as a kick in the nuts.

I am as real as a kick in the nuts.

Captain:  Sam Mendes 

Crew:   Kevin SpaceyAnnette Bening

Destination: The drive through of your liking

Flight conditions: Itchy, surreal, fantasy filled and very depressing.

Your seat: It is first class, NOT, you are flying cargo.

Black box recordings: Sweet sounds, lovely voice of a sexy woman telling you, telling us, we suck at life.

By LaTrosa


House of Cards

11 Aug

I marathon watched house of cards, 13 episodes of some of the best “TV” writing, acting and producing in a very long time.

It is my new favorite, Netflix is really getting to my sweet spot!



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