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Thor The Dark World

11 Nov

In the Marvel world I can safely say, we can find the best of the best and the worst of the worst.

If I knew I could trust you.

If I knew I could trust you.

To watch Thor for me is like a vivid dream where I can go places, travel the universe understand (sort of) the rules that get broken and dance around evil, it is fun, dangerous, basically my kind of movie.

I was worried about the sequel because we all know what happened with Iron Man… so, my expectations bar was way too low. However I managed to get very impressed by what I saw, and despite a few random incidents I think this film is quite solid on it own, the franchise is saved and there is story to go on for a while.

If I want to go on writing about the film I will have to spoil everything for everyone, and because I am not Loki, I wont,  there is just one little thing I want to say though… There is a reason the film was not incredibly great, there is a reason why there were some weird moments and unnecessary chats, the reason is: trying to please everyone! and as default make more money… but who am I to judge, in general the film pulled it off and I know the next one will only get better.

Besides, we have like a gazillion more Marvel characters and stories that potentially will become Hollywood hits.

By LaTrosa


Airplane Movie – Seven Psychopaths

16 Jun

Seven Psychopaths


Captain: Martin McDonagh

Crew: Colin Farell, Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell

Destination: Hollywood, Idaho!

Flight conditions: Sunny and shiny at first, then everything will go wrong.

Your seat: You are the co-pilot to a very drunk captain and his dog.

Black box recordings: Mayday, get me out of this crappy film. (voice of Christopher Walken), I am trapped between Adaptation and Scary Movie 3.

By LaTrosa

And The Oscar went to

25 Feb

A very musical, old-school Hollywood  ceremony with a Seth Macfarlane walking the wire most of the time. OSCAR-2013-Promo-Poster-02

I had no predictions but kind of knew how everything would play out; based on all previous award season this one was a no brainer.

So in a few words this is what happened:

Because Ben affleck was not nominated as best director,  someone had to get the award and Ang Lee was the best second choice.

Best movie had to be Argo

Best actress had to be Jennifer Lawrence

Best Supporting actress had to be Ane Hathaway

Remaining winners here

I flipped on 2 things

1. Adele winning


By LaTrosa

I am sad awards are over… but on the other hand… now we can start watching more movies!

Star Trek Into Darkness – Trailer

16 Dec

This is a franchise I have loved for so many years that my judgement blures. Anyhow, I am overly excited and I know this movie will deliver.

Just because Star Trek!


Last Century – Se7en – 1995

22 Jun

Blast from the past.

It is weird how I look differently at religion after pushing it against human behavior, because lets face it, sometimes religion is too complicated.

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger?

Part of the “gifts we get” from religion however, are the things we cannot do, (please guys, not all of us posses common sense) thus, enter THE SINS!

7 things, we are suggested not to do, and in short they are  immoral, illegal and make you fat!  only the fun stuff!

The movie shows a young and scruffy Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman just being fabulous, chasing this guy killing sinners, a desperado, a serial killer and, in my opinion one of the most evil and twisted brilliant characters ever written.

A ride, a thriller that delivers until the end BUT once you get to the end you realize one thing… this movie is showing you “nicely” what will happen to you if you commit those sins… Won’t spoil because of my young readers!

David Fincher should be one of the wonders of the world!

And you should watch this movie again… for the first time…

By Latrosa

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