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Last Century Film Review – The Shining

23 Jun
Please don't let me alone here with myself! I don't even like myself!

Please don’t let me alone here with myself! I don’t even like myself!

This is a film I was totally avoiding, not because I don’t like horror or Stanley Kubrick, Or Jack Nicholson, or amazing horror films, great acting, great directing, amazing stories…

It was not because of that

It was because EVERYONE had seen it, and I was put on a corner for being “different”, not being a true cinema lover, it was my Karma.

So I had some time to kill and decided to hit the play button on the much-anticipated moment… the moment where I would finally meet my destiny.

And it was alright, NO BIG DEAL! it was thrilling and interesting, but it was maybe over hyped?

I know it is a cult film  and I will be hated for what I am about to say, (hopefully for a short while), but listen to me on this one, the film is interesting only because of the individual performances, even the director  was such a heavy participant that it was almost like an actor, masterfully driving us around the mental decay of the family stranded in a hostile hunted Colorado hotel.

I consider a fantastic achievement of this film, the way it took an empty hotel and made it feel so crowded, so overwhelming and powerful, that was in my opinion, something only Kubrick could have done, nobody can take any object and turn it into a character.

What I want to say is that it was so good that you can spin-off at least 4 different films, and all will be hits.

So to all the haters I say I liked the film, to all the non haters… there you go… I saw it…

Here is hoping I don’t stay alone in my house for longer that 20 minutes.

By LaTrosa

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