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Airplane Movie – Big Fish

7 Oct

Flight sponsored by the master mind of all of your fantasies and the life you wish you had.

Big Fish

If you are not seeing things clearly, imagine them first.

If you are not seeing things clearly, imagine them first.

Captain:  Tim Burton

Crew:  Ewan McGregorAlbert FinneyBilly Crudup

Destination: Most probably you wont believe me, so I’ll let you find out for yourself.

Flight conditions: A smooth ride with lots of stops to pick up some friends, booze and flowers for your girlfriend.

Your seat: You can sit anywhere, there are no chairs on this flight.

Black box recordings: Hear the deep sound of the silence surrounding your boring, uninteresting life… before you took this amazing flight.

By LaTrosa


Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

22 Aug

My companion will testify, hiding behind her drooling for Ewan McGregor, that this is a decent watchable movie.

A light comedy for achieving the impossible, something not even realistic but theoretically possible, fly-fishing in the desert.

I consider fishing a decent hobby, specially with those with patience and nerve to just wait and contemplate and hope for a fish to hook and cook 🙂 NOT FOR ME!

Doing the same thing is on your DNA…fight back!

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, is a feel good movie, that shows us how these characters get their world shaken  and change the way they see and believe in everything around them (here’s hoping it happens to some of us too),  so in short, impossible is nothing.

We’ve all been stuck in that one place, that relationship, that job that drains and boxes us in, so when this happens you tend to attach to that crazy impossible thing, just to get away… That is what happens here, a kind of hit rock bottom so you can thrive again!

As an ensemble there was synergy,  but one special character really got to me, the evil hearted, no morals Press officer who managed to manipulate every single thing for the benefit of some politicians, and in my opinion some of the funniest moments in the movie thanks to Kristin Scott Thomas.

Great for a chill out evening with a glass of your alcohol of choice and good company.

By Latrosa

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