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Airplane Movie – The Croods

13 Apr

Flight sponsored by your stubborn, close minded self.

The Croods


This Nicolas Cage did not suck.

This Nicolas Cage did not suck.


Captain: Kirk De MiccoChris Sanders

Crew:  Nicolas CageRyan ReynoldsEmma Stone 

Destination: Continental drift.

Flight conditions: Nothing you have experienced before will resemble this.

Your seat: Sorry to tell you this, but,you will walk.

Black box recordings: We could recognize sounds of brain cells starting to evolve and populate cerebral frontal cortex.

By LaTrosa


PS: our heart goes to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Gangster Squad – trailer

11 May

I must admit this is not my favorite genre, but I watch the movies all the same.

Here we have the compilation of some of my favorite actors.

This trailer, however, leaves too little to the imagination, and as with all trailers like this, the movie falls short!

You be the judge.


Thanks to my contributor who brought this trailer to my attention.

The Help

27 Feb

“I have cried in movies” is a huge understatement!

The Help is not a movie that makes you cry because of some tear jerking moments, but, because of the realization that you are just a miserable ungrateful bastard!


You  know, you live in a century where the things you see in the movie are just ancient history, (I know, I wish my last sentence was not so ironic) but, you cannot help to feel mad and even embarrassed at a couple of situations; humanity is broken.

Don’t despair, there is hope and Emma Stone provides the means for the oppressed to be heard, because she knows, WE know they deserve better.

Performances by all the actresses were magnificent, there were a couple of miss casts in the male department, but you tend to forget them, almost right away, it’s all about the women, and their incredible and painful struggle to make ends meet, in one of the hardest eras in USA history.

You should watch this movie, with family , because the lessons that can be taken from it should become family values that future generations need to learn from, you know, for a better tomorrow for mankind!

By Latrosa

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