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The Hobbit – Review

24 Dec

First of all I would like to wish you all the best during the festivities. And I hope you all spend the most wonderful time with the ones you love and cherish.

I am a fan of fantasy and action films, I will go to extreme lengths to get to see movies like that, for instance going to the cinema and watching Skyfall and The Hobbit back to back, it was intense to my senses but I managed to keep my cool.

I will go on an adventure with a bunch of hooligans... what can possibly go wrong!

I will go on an adventure with a bunch of hooligans… what can possibly go wrong!

You know,  by now half of the world and Middle Earth wonder why for a 3 book we got 3 movies and for one book we will get 3, we don’t know, but is disturbing to think that for 10 years of our lives we will be going to the movies and going nuts for just one movie franchise,… oh wait… we did… remember Harry Potter? well I guess we can’t have a lot from the good stuff then.

Back to the Hobbit.

I like the movie enough not to trash it; Mainly because of the huge implications of letting my blind love to this kind of films get ahead of a real review.

It was a movie where we got scene balance; we will go from a long passive situation to a huge action filled sequence like ping-pong, turning the film predictable at some point but engaging non the least.

But if you look at the film as a whole it delivered just enough, gave us the back story, gave us the dwarves (great casting there), gave us the action, gave us the bad guys, gave us the elves, gave us Smeagol (I kind of get what was the point of his extended presence but it was a bit too uncomfortable if you know what I mean) and gave us the RING! so as an appetizer it kind of worked.

Peter Jackson is a creative monster, capable of transforming fairytale words into the most unbelievable reality, at least for the screen and our amusement, the visuals in this film are out of this world.

Looking forward to the second installment where hopefully we will be treated like adults who know what we are talking about!

Now, where do I but my tickets to visit  New Zealand?

By LaTrosa

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