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August: Osage County

26 Feb

And the vortex where all the dysfunction in the wold collides is right here ladies and gentleman.

I think I turned out just fine... just fine!!

I think I turned out just fine… just fine!!

August : Osage County is, without a doubt, every psychologist dream AND nightmare came true.

I am a sucker for a family drama where not a single person functions, everyone is so full of regrets and blame and in a way, they blend so well that it all plays out just fine, much like a perfect symphony, played for deaf people.

Here drama is real, regrets are not really important, what matters is blame and responsibility, who do you want to be next to when you grow old… how are you harvesting the seeds of a solid family tie.

This might sound heavy and the film heavy too, but it is not, Osage is the single most dynamic film of the year, it is even funny in moments, with a performance by Meryl Streep of the highest caliber and a very well balanced supporting cast.

Book and play are established as classics, the film makes it the triangle of perfect entertainment… I love it…

And you will love it too, if you are comfortable with realizing that your mother is actually not an evil witch trying to ruin your life… she is a frigging angel! You are very close to your siblings and your relationships are as normal as they get.

By LaTrosa

Airplane Movie – Before Sunset

19 Jan

Flight sponsored by your failure to have guts.

This second time, I am sure things will make more sense.

This second time, I am sure things will make more sense.

Before Sunset

Captain: Richard Linklater

CrewEthan HawkeJulie Delpy

Destination: The place you wanted to be 10 years ago, but somehow managed to never get there.

Flight conditions: rushed, needy and desperately lonely.

Your seat: you will accommodate just about anywhere.

Black box recordings: Superficial mumbling of two people hiding behind polite conversation the reality of an empty life.

By LaTrosa

Airplane Movie – Before Sunrise

6 Jan

Flight sponsored by that adventurous person you once met but quickly ignored. YOU!

Before Sunrise

This opportunity wont pas us by.

These opportunities wont pass us by.

Captain: Richard Linklater

CrewEthan HawkeJulie Delpy

Destination: Somewhere between where you are now and where you want to be.

Flight conditions: Calm, relaxed, smooth… really sad!

Your seat: First come, first served.

Black box recordings: There was actually not a lot of time to figure out what they were going trough the moment of the crash, we just could hear two people talking about trivial things making them sound as if they really mattered.

By LaTrosa

A Single Man – 2009 – Film Review

15 Jul

Must of us in our mundane lives can only hope to achieve the intensity of love portrayed on this film.

Love that defies reason and escapes explanation, it just happens because it is supposed to.

This is as much as I allow myself to be without you.

This is as much as I allow myself to live without you.

The worst thing is that once you are left alone, becoming the only one capable of expressing such love, you suddenly run out of options.

Unless life itself gives you that second chance of looking at what you lost and turn it into joy and sheer pleasure, because your life is not over, until it has to end.

Tom Ford directed A Single Man the way I can imagine he designs clothes, with fabulous people surrounding him, with an incredible amount of colorful items for inspirations and great music. He gave the movie a palette of deep understanding and emotions, rarely met on screen.

It was not a standard choice to me, based on a book  by Christopher Isherwood and adapted by the director itself, curiosity drove me to the film mostly, and I soon forgot who was directing and was overtaken by the story.

I was mesmerized by Colin Firth, brilliantly portraying this heartbroken English teacher about his day, remembering better days and hoping all his suffering would end soon. His performance alone was so perfect I remembered saying to myself, “he is a god”.

So I was barely paying attention to the mood swings paired with color changes in the atmosphere (I only cached that at the end), once i saw it and put things together this film became bigger, deeper and more intense, it is as if my every day needed such palettes.

I have to recommend this 100%… it is so sweet and intense that you would want to see more like it.

By LaTrosa


Game of Thrones – S3 ep9 – killing them softly!

4 Jun

I wonder every time an episode starts, who is going to die today?… Well, I am not really sure I should have an answer to that question EVERY SINGLE TIME!

The red wedding has been the most shocking thing I have ever seen on GoT… and I was actually expecting it.

I love this show… it breaks my heart… I hate this show!


Will we ever win?

One episode left and the season is over… WHO WILL BE NEXT?

By LaTrosa

TV Show – The Following

14 Mar
Wait a second, I have a plan!

Wait a second, I have a plan!


You know in your heart  you need to watch this show to see Kevin Bacon fail miserably in trying to catch the bad guy. As with all FBI shows, they seem to be two steps behind, almost getting close, nearly catching them, and nothing!

We must face reality, this show has the potential to go forever and ever and ever … because, chances are, they wont win! Like Law and Order, this show is heading in that direction.

It has been 8 episodes and the Following is getting larger like a spider web, with even larger possibilities and very interesting questions about humans!

Like for instance:

  • Pacemakers make us look really bad in stressful situations!
  • Children are not so reliable with decision making
  • Women are never to be trusted
  • Fear cripples

I really enjoy this show, it is not frustrating and is very, VERY evil!

By LaTrosa

Django Unchained – Review

21 Jan

We have to thank Quentin Tarantino for giving to humanity through cinema the gift of vindication and the re-writing of history to help us make amends and forget our mistakes.

No N-words were harmed in the making of this film.

No N-words were harmed in the making of this film.

He is a story teller, and his movies have that splash of cruel reality, creating a self-made hero, who is here not to save us, but to fulfill his own agenda.

And hidden in incredible amounts of fake blood is the blood of the innocent that trough history have never received that sweet revenge. (whoever said revenge is a dish best served cold was wrong. A huge part of us will jump to the first chance of pay back, admit it.)

The soft history of a slave, and I say soft because even when we saw some over the top beatings and horrible human behavior, things were much worse, besides, this was not a period, themed specific movie, we have Lincoln or Argo for that, Django Unchained is an action dramedy set to portrait… well some people during the time of slavery!

An overall pleasant viewing with a few flaws, because nothing is perfect:

Why do we need the bad acting of Tarantino? he looked fat, with a horrible Australian accent and all I can say is thanks for blowing himself up.

Why hire the same actor for 2 different roles and kill him… I don’t get that!

Why would you dress anyone as Austin Powers?

Slavery is so wrong, and that part was very clear… the movie however … wasn’t! it was nice! Classic Tarantino.

By LaTrosa

P.S: Great casting!

Mud – Trailer

18 Jan

We know he can pull a southern accent… can he carry a movie, a drama?

Lets hope he can… for his own good!


Magic Mike – Review

2 Jan

The last time anyone made a movie about strippers it became a cult movie, those were female strippers and  is called Show Girls, remember guys?

In this case, the movie depicts a different kind of stripper, the guy, the myth behind the legend of a group of muscular, beautiful men, getting naked in front of a horde of women hungry and craving for what they cannot have at home.

You are so pretty, underneath it all!

You are so pretty, underneath it all!


An incredible amount of skin that despite the nakedness it hints on the reality of the life of a male stripper, how they are pretty much like the rest of the people who have to work a job to make a living, whether they like it or not.

A job that labels you but should never define you, like Channing Tatum says pretty clearly in Magic Mike.

It is not easy to make a living and it should not be easy to take your clothes of in front of people… or is it?… turns out sometimes you have it within you, and maybe some people are just made for that kind of job… no judging!

The back story of Magic Mike is a bit weak, in trying to justify the behavior or the job choices of Mike and barely touches on the behind the scenes of the life of a group of strippers and their boss… I think the drama could have been much more intense because there was room for that.

There is something interesting for me in the movie, the fact that big part of the men on screen didn’t speak much, as if was not necessary, as if we just want you for your body… no problem with that… except, it touches in the same discriminatory level sometimes women strippers are put in.

So yes as a fresh proposal it is a very decent film and definitely watchable.

By LaTrosa

P.S Have I mentioned I like muscles?

Last Century – La Vita e Bella – 1997

11 Dec

I was wondering what movie to watch to lift up my spirits, in  a true old style romantic way, so I decided La Vita e Bella was the movie to go for different reasons.

Ignore the background and you will see the magnifficense

Ignore the background and you will see the magnificence

Somehow, and it might just be me, but, everything in Italian sounds so sensual and culturally intriguing, so a successful italian movie should have those ingredients at least.

War movies are not my thing but, a war movie where war is just an accessory is plain brilliant, take the personal story and paste it in war anywhere and you will have a winning film.

In this particular case however we´ve most probably have to take also Roberto Benigni, because he is a fantastic actor who has the power to master the physical humor, and translate such an amazing story.

This story is so particular and unbelievable that you want it to be real, you need to know there was hope among all that horror, and it works, you cry like a little girl but you still think life is beautiful, and not only love will save the day but a friggin´positive attitude will take you a long way.

This classic film will lift you up and crash you every time you need a reality check, will help you put things into perspective and teach you to put value into the real things.

Add it to your watch list or collection, it is worth it.

And your lady friend will need a crying shoulder at some point…

By LaTrosa

Cheap Thrills – Who is holding on!

4 Dec

Most of the TV shows I follow are well advanced, around their 10th episode give or take, even reaching their season finale.

Some are holding on strong, others, not so good so I give you top and bottom TV shows right now.

Bottom Shows:

Last couple of seasons the following shows have been solid, but now they are slowly showing signs of decay.

Besides, there are very few TV shows that are running longer than a soap, somehow I think going over the season 5 mark, my expectations start running wild.

How I met your motherSons of AnarchySupernatural


How I met your mother: This show is a chicken without a head. It can´t be so damn difficult, 8 seasons of pure and single NOTHING!  that is only acceptable in SEINFELD…find the woman already, so we can give Happy Endings a try!

 Sons of Anarchy: The show lost me last season due to the Shakespearean drama looking too fart fetched; I usually enjoyed it and the web of trouble, but suddenly it kind of went too far.

 Supernatural: I was a late bloomer to this show, and even catch up on it if it survives, it also has a huge following and that is ok, but again, it is going around in circles and revisit stories and feelings and … forget it… if it wants to survive it should bring something catchy to the table, the Angels Vs Demons thing was awesome… stick to such stuff!

Top Shows:

The following 2 shows are for me the very best!

dexter Dexter: If a show has kept quality and good writing, together with spectacular performances is this one, this season we have gotten to the extents of murder in ways we feel more comfortable with; this show has forever changed the way we look at blood.


The-Big-Bang-Theory-CBS-season-6-2012-poster The Big Bang Theory: The show has had a comeback without precedent, slowly turning into a classic, this show was not very strong at the beginning of the season but after episode 4 things turn very funny, besides, is one comedy out there without an agenda.



Other TV shows like The Walking Dead and The Good Wife and Modern Family are keeping a standard that keeps me interested enough and entertained.

Greys Anatomy, on the other hand has returned with a fresh more relaxed atmosphere allowing for the real medical drama to flourish, it feels like an old show but new, a very comfortable show.

Now, Once Upon a Time….. IS FAILING! a show that had such a strong first season it looks like it is struggling to find stories and connections because you´ve got to be kidding me… ZOMBIES? I am so close to dropping this show.

In January I will update this TV review to give things some more time to get fixed.

By LaTrosa

Last Century – Philadelphia 1993

3 Nov

Remember that disease AIDS? the one nobody talks about anymore?

apparently the things you don’t talk about they go away… NOT TRUE! But we kind of forget about things we are afraid of.

I have no right to tell you how to live your life… but … use protection…

The movie Philadelphia, is a movie who reaches many of us in different ways, but it was not a pamphlet or a paid service for awareness, it is a lesson on basic discrimination, ignorance and real unconditional love.

The film follows the last months of life of a lawyer fighting against his unfair dismissal from the firm he worked for; played perfectly by Tom Hanks earning him an Academy Award; he was alone in his fight due to the fear of other lawyers to represent him, but he got Denzel Washington to do it after he saw how unfair and ridiculous ignorance can get.

This movie is a classic, a masterpiece, with the melancholy and sadness present throughout, death looms and the embarrassing questions get answered; the raw picture of living with AIDS is drawn in front of your eyes and how it affects not only your closest circle but a great extent of everything you have ever done, whoever you have spoken to, touched and loved.

In retrospect this film is educational, teaching us how not to take things for granted, avoid stereotypes, educate yourself about the reality of  threats surrounding us, and most importantly, TO KEEP CALM!

Great movie, great experience, heart breaking and heart warming at the same time.

By LaTrosa


25 Oct

I will like to update the list of TV shows I follow because some things have changed.

First I want to start with shows I no longer watch.

Sons of Anarchy: Last season ended in a low tone for me…  there were good moments in the season but it did not deliver at the end. Story is falling  so I am leaving.

Private Practice: There are limits to quality writing, this never achieved it and totally lost me… what was I thinking!

Desperate housewifes: Cancelled and it ended lukewarm as the series.

House: Soft end to a show that re-defined character acting and medical shows… very missed.

And based on the start of the season and episodes aired so far I nominate my Top 3:

3. The Big Bang Theory … Real comedy…

2. The Good Wife… Better than ever, this show knows how to do it!

1. The Walking Dead … We are all infected!

Next month I will update Cheap Thrills and the top 3 as a whole ( things might change in quality so it is good to keep things in perspective), specially  adding shows I am evaluating, believe it or not, apart from Fringe, there are no other shows that might get prematurely cancelled and I need to give  new shows a chance.

Results may vary

PS: I do not have free time… but somehow I manage to squeeze all these shows in!

By LaTrosa

The Walking Dead – Thank you gods!

17 Oct

Season 3 of The Walking Dead is here people and let me tell you gently and swiftly… IT WAS FRIGGIN’ AMAZING!

I haven’t seen a stronger season premier since they opened the hatch in Lost!

The kid is not my son!

It was so well executed, the amount of walkers was creepy, preparing us for the amount of danger during the season. We have to note the continuity from last season was impeccable and at the same time left us with some questions, nice!

The introducing of new characters was precise not rushed and sets the level way high for the whole season.

My favorite parts:

How much Rick is hating that 2 timing Lori

New romance in the air for the arrow guy!

How incredible is the sense of freedom when you are in jail!

Don’t miss this show.. is the best after a certain Game of Thrones little show!

By Latrosa

TV Show Countdown

25 Mar

These are the TV shows that I follow.

I will post 4 different lists so it won’t become a long boring post:



Private Practice (2007 TV Series)

“ This show is here purely because i need to replace it with something else, this show is slowly going nowhere.
I am considering the Walking Dead…. yeah I will do that. ” – The Popped Corn


Desperate Housewives (2004 TV Series)


“ I caught up late to this show, It was enjoyable in some parts, but, this last season makes you wonder why didn’t they do it before, I mean, make it more interesting. ” – The Popped Corn


30 Rock (2006 TV Series)

“ This show is funny to the core, but the jokes are strictly american, making it weird to adapt internationally, other 2 comedies out there are slowly removing the show from the spotlight. ” – The Popped Corn


Episodes (2011 TV Series)


“ The return of Joey! Mat Le blanc is genius in his portrayal of himself, this show is intelligent and very funny. Watch it, it is a must! ” – The Popped Corn

16.Franklin & Bash (2010 TV Series)
“ I am pretty sure you did not expect to see this show on the list, but as I discovered this funny young lawyer show, I decided to give them a chance. They are dynamic, interesting back story and the cases they work on are also fun and different. Give this show a chance. ” – The Popped Corn


Grimm (2011 TV Series)

“ If Fairy-tales and Horatio had a child, this is what will it be, a fun thrill filled, mystery and adventure show that should stay, it has so much potential. ” – The Popped Corn

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