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The Hobbit: The desolation of Smaug

27 Dec
Hey look that dragon can talk!

Hey look that dragon can talk!

6 days ago I went to the cinema to watch The Hobbit, with a friend who happens to like going to the movies just like me, he just doesn’t pay much of attention to them, so, when I asked him what did he think of the movie he said “the first one was better”

I respect people’s opinion just like anybody with a good sense of social interaction does, but after hearing that, I just started questioning myself and my choice in friends.

The first Hobbit my friend (I remember starting my clever reply this way) was amazing, it was different that TLOTR because it is another book, it was just the beginning of the adventure, but Smaug is definitely another level of amazing, more action, more adventure than the previous one, enough tension and it was engaging,  it finally felt like the prequel we were supposed to see.

The performances were strong, something we don’t get to see in adventure films, where the adventure is usually the main character, here, we’ve got great acting and a movie so perfectly directed it makes you feel real envy of those elves, dwarfs and orcs. So my friend, you are allowed to like the first one but I think denying the desolation of Smaug of the credit it deserves is wrong.

We parted ways, I felt empty inside, I felt I had an argument without a cause, against a wall, I vaguely recall comparing it to Two Towers and regretting it afterwards, never the less, I kept my soul clean and the satisfaction of watching a movie I waited 1 full year to see and felt really good at the end (unlike you, Iron Man).

Will I see this movie again? yes, I’ll just find some else to go with, maybe a dragon!

By LaTrosa


Last Century Film – Moonstruck

1 Sep

Life is simple and not so complicated, the moment you realize that love is not an option and companionship is an easy way out, you are basically done for.

Thanks to destiny and everything against a boring, dull life, we can be saved by Nicolas Cage, sorry… by just letting yourself go. moonstruck

Moonstruck is a very nice oldie were we get to see Cher win her Oscar. We also get a pretty good picture of how we over-think things and tend to complicate our lives in the most unbelievable ways.

We are all full with a bunch of stories in our heads, but it is the full moon that shows up once in a while covering our city with the most insane light, the one with the power to let us do whatever we want, (if you ever needed a reason to stop your drama, here you go, blame it on the moon).

It is a quick, no fuss film with very good performances and very consistent comedic vibe.

Give it a try, hard to be disappointed when you just want to relax and have a good time!

By LaTrosa

A Single Man – 2009 – Film Review

15 Jul

Must of us in our mundane lives can only hope to achieve the intensity of love portrayed on this film.

Love that defies reason and escapes explanation, it just happens because it is supposed to.

This is as much as I allow myself to be without you.

This is as much as I allow myself to live without you.

The worst thing is that once you are left alone, becoming the only one capable of expressing such love, you suddenly run out of options.

Unless life itself gives you that second chance of looking at what you lost and turn it into joy and sheer pleasure, because your life is not over, until it has to end.

Tom Ford directed A Single Man the way I can imagine he designs clothes, with fabulous people surrounding him, with an incredible amount of colorful items for inspirations and great music. He gave the movie a palette of deep understanding and emotions, rarely met on screen.

It was not a standard choice to me, based on a book  by Christopher Isherwood and adapted by the director itself, curiosity drove me to the film mostly, and I soon forgot who was directing and was overtaken by the story.

I was mesmerized by Colin Firth, brilliantly portraying this heartbroken English teacher about his day, remembering better days and hoping all his suffering would end soon. His performance alone was so perfect I remembered saying to myself, “he is a god”.

So I was barely paying attention to the mood swings paired with color changes in the atmosphere (I only cached that at the end), once i saw it and put things together this film became bigger, deeper and more intense, it is as if my every day needed such palettes.

I have to recommend this 100%… it is so sweet and intense that you would want to see more like it.

By LaTrosa


Mirror Mirror

21 Nov

Most of you have done this before, sitting down in front of a computer, writing a blog about a movie that shouldnt have happened.

Mirror mirror on the wall where is the next exit?

Some people have liked it, some did not, some were scared for life in their brains, in their souls.

I made it trough! and it was not easy… why? partly because my fellow companions were loving it (children) and because I was not sure I wanted to stop looking at Lilly Collins’s eyebrows! I was staring at those two as if my life depended on it.

I don´t know what to say, I … well… I don’t know what happened, I have some vague memories of Julia Roberts overacting, and some tall dude from Social Network, and an asian dwarf… look bear with me, there was nothing memorable about Mirror Mirror, they have killed a fairytale in cold blood.

Well except for  how bad it was, that is memorable….

Look, the visuals were nice Nathan Lane was his usual perfect above all the bad stuff around him and in some way the cinematography or special effects however you call it, they were OK.

Now lets move on and forget this ever happened.

You don´t believe me? I double dare you!

By LaTrosa

The Five-Year Engagement

2 Sep

And I give to you my friends 4 Weddings and a Funeral oops sorry…. 4 Funerals and a Wedding!

And that is a good thing.


In a very Judd Apatow (producer) style, we get inundated by funny situations from the get-go, only for things to start getting very serious and then funny-coated sad moments take over.

I want to be very honest here, as a movie it has all the elements of a rom com you know about, the difference here is that you are not quite sure you need a happy ending (spoiler alert) when you get the happy ending, you feel normal, as if it was justified.

It touches deep relationship matter that most of us grown-ups don’t even want to get close to, like sacrifices, priorities, relationship foundations, honesty, truth… we rather spear people´s feelings for the greater good, and sometimes that good is not the best option.

The film has a some unnecessary nakedness here and there sponsored by Jason Segel (who also screen-writes), product placement thanks to Skype with a product nobody wants to buy, and some editing glitches, but in general I was satisfied with the movie, an unexpected twist to an otherwise almost dying genre.

It is recommended for people unemployed and under employed, recommended for people with doubts about basically anything, and people with communication issues.

So many things can go wrong when sh&t is not out in the open!

The Five-Year Engagement… enough is enough!

By LaTrosa

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