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Captain America – Winter Soldier

27 Apr
I don't need a parachute, but I need somebody to love.

I don’t need a parachute, but I need somebody to love.

Do we know what a comic is all about? do we really want to know once they translate into the big screen? can we really tell what the message really was?

For a very short moment there I had the feeling Marvel just might have started hinting if the public would accept a sort of criticism to the establishment. The film had that nonconformist feeling, the thin red line was very carefully drawn and I like it a lot.

Having said that, it is a very strong action film with the carefully put elements of mystery, suspense, action and romance (much to my horror), all in all the formula was well handled executed and it paid off as usual.

There is no much you can say about writing or directing because, lets face it, it doesn’t really matter to us, look, if there are action scenes,  guys are hooked, and if there is a shirtless Captain America girls get hooked.

So unless we all grow tired of these kind of films, they will keep on coming. But wait, I know as a fact that not a lot of people around the world know Ant Man or any other dark hero, so it might be harder for them to bring in the millions. Just saying.

By LaTrosa



The Avengers

6 May

This movie is sheer joy. Pure film magnificence! All my expectations fulfilled.

The Avengers had the chance to be predictable and boring, with lame fight scenes and kissy-kissy moments, and it gladly missed that chance.

We know these superheroes, we have seen the movies, some of them good, some others?,( blame Jon Favreau)! But this film is in a league of its own; they are people, and you never forget that, they are just people who can hit really hard.

The whole thing was so swift and well structured, with the right amount of everything you love in an action movie, the fun, the action the connection of the characters, the relaxed atmosphere, good, simply good, nothing went wrong.

We can save the world, thing is, we don´t like each other!

There was a moment tough, that I needed to know why in blinding hell was the Black Widow involved in all this, and by the end of the movie I kind of didn´t care.

I can keep writing about the movie but some of my favourite things are:

The jokes

The amazing hero to hero fights… EPIC!

The special effects

The story and script


Mr. Whedon and how he reaches out to both nerds and otherwise.

I was so happy I almost had a stroke!

I love this movie…I will watch it again!

By Latrosa

PS: Is it me or it was Hellboy at the end of the credits?

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