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Airplane Movie – The Croods

13 Apr

Flight sponsored by your stubborn, close minded self.

The Croods


This Nicolas Cage did not suck.

This Nicolas Cage did not suck.


Captain: Kirk De MiccoChris Sanders

Crew:  Nicolas CageRyan ReynoldsEmma Stone 

Destination: Continental drift.

Flight conditions: Nothing you have experienced before will resemble this.

Your seat: Sorry to tell you this, but,you will walk.

Black box recordings: We could recognize sounds of brain cells starting to evolve and populate cerebral frontal cortex.

By LaTrosa


PS: our heart goes to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.


Airplane Movie – Before Sunset

19 Jan

Flight sponsored by your failure to have guts.

This second time, I am sure things will make more sense.

This second time, I am sure things will make more sense.

Before Sunset

Captain: Richard Linklater

CrewEthan HawkeJulie Delpy

Destination: The place you wanted to be 10 years ago, but somehow managed to never get there.

Flight conditions: rushed, needy and desperately lonely.

Your seat: you will accommodate just about anywhere.

Black box recordings: Superficial mumbling of two people hiding behind polite conversation the reality of an empty life.

By LaTrosa

Airplane Movie – Before Sunrise

6 Jan

Flight sponsored by that adventurous person you once met but quickly ignored. YOU!

Before Sunrise

This opportunity wont pas us by.

These opportunities wont pass us by.

Captain: Richard Linklater

CrewEthan HawkeJulie Delpy

Destination: Somewhere between where you are now and where you want to be.

Flight conditions: Calm, relaxed, smooth… really sad!

Your seat: First come, first served.

Black box recordings: There was actually not a lot of time to figure out what they were going trough the moment of the crash, we just could hear two people talking about trivial things making them sound as if they really mattered.

By LaTrosa

Last Century Film – Moonstruck

1 Sep

Life is simple and not so complicated, the moment you realize that love is not an option and companionship is an easy way out, you are basically done for.

Thanks to destiny and everything against a boring, dull life, we can be saved by Nicolas Cage, sorry… by just letting yourself go. moonstruck

Moonstruck is a very nice oldie were we get to see Cher win her Oscar. We also get a pretty good picture of how we over-think things and tend to complicate our lives in the most unbelievable ways.

We are all full with a bunch of stories in our heads, but it is the full moon that shows up once in a while covering our city with the most insane light, the one with the power to let us do whatever we want, (if you ever needed a reason to stop your drama, here you go, blame it on the moon).

It is a quick, no fuss film with very good performances and very consistent comedic vibe.

Give it a try, hard to be disappointed when you just want to relax and have a good time!

By LaTrosa

Riddick – Trailer

15 May

I remember the first time I saw Riddick, I wanted more, I had to wait …. but here it is… MORE!

Airplane Movie – AVATAR

7 May

I had a dream 


avatar_poster_2Captain: James Cameron

Crew:  Sam WorthingtonZoe SaldanaSigourney Weaver

Destination: Pretty color land or World of Warcraft you decide!

Flight conditions: You will fly with a hose connected to your butt. That Cant be good.

Your seat: They will make you drive the damn thing.

Black box recordings: Mumbling sounds of people, who I am pretty sure were drunk.

By LaTrosa


Invictus Movie Review

1 May

I know must of you have seen Invictus by now,  to tell you the truth I just did a couple of minutes ago and had to rush to write my review.

Ask yourself what can you do for yourself!

Ask yourself what can you do for yourself!

And I was lost for words for a while, could not even begin, but then I remembered a fantastic thing said to me by that voice in my head (Morgan Freeman): “forgiveness is a powerful weapon”.

Because it was the reason of the film, fighting with one word, teaching all of us how to forgive those who have hurt us; the hard way but the effective way to look past the mistakes of others and find the good in them. Lets face it, holding a grudge takes us nowhere, and we need to achieve greatness right?

This is history, it cannot get better than this, you cannot touch reality in any other way other than re-telling it, and Clint Eastwood has done it, as with all his movies, he makes you feel sorry you were not there, part of it… you realize you were totally wasting your time while the world was happening, what were you doing… probably playing on your Nintendo or something!

These are the stories to tell, the motivation we need from time to time to grow and to love and be brave… and to go out and get in the mud and play anything, do anything you love doing, reach out and be awesome, to yourself first, then to others.

It has been a while since I have seen a film that leaves me in such good spirits, and as it was recommended to me by someone whose opinion I value, I recommend it to you today without hesitation.

Good movie.

By LaTrosa

P.S: “…I am the captain of my soul” how clever is that!

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