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The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

6 Apr

I wanted to drop a few lines on one of the best seasons of TWD. the-walking-dead-season-4-finale-poster-rick

Season 4 was a display of amazing writing. Separating everyone into groups and  providing them with stories that alone were suspenseful, exciting and deadly was one of the best things about the season.

But lets don’t forget one thing, it was Rick’s transformation, from the beginning till the end that glued the whole thing together, even if he wasn’t in every episode I could see how his impact carried everyone and how much his behavior helped model the rest.

The lengths he is capable of reaching now are clear to us, we also know how his brain works, and in how many levels it operates.

His survival instincts and then everyone else’s will overtake next season.

Who are we kidding, the walking dead are not the walkers….

Great season… hands down, one of the best.

By LaTrosa


The Walking Dead season 4 Premiere

14 Oct

How fantastically spooky, tense and action packed was this episode, trouble in paradise has never felt so real, and to think that we know that even if last season walkers were not the center of the show, I am sure in this episode we got all the walkers we wanted.

I love this show, after Breaking Bad ended I needed it to keep my withdrawal  in check

Here is a preview of this amazing show, a season we can see getting back to its roots: Infection!

The Walking Dead – Thank you gods!

17 Oct

Season 3 of The Walking Dead is here people and let me tell you gently and swiftly… IT WAS FRIGGIN’ AMAZING!

I haven’t seen a stronger season premier since they opened the hatch in Lost!

The kid is not my son!

It was so well executed, the amount of walkers was creepy, preparing us for the amount of danger during the season. We have to note the continuity from last season was impeccable and at the same time left us with some questions, nice!

The introducing of new characters was precise not rushed and sets the level way high for the whole season.

My favorite parts:

How much Rick is hating that 2 timing Lori

New romance in the air for the arrow guy!

How incredible is the sense of freedom when you are in jail!

Don’t miss this show.. is the best after a certain Game of Thrones little show!

By Latrosa

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