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The Hobbit: The desolation of Smaug

27 Dec
Hey look that dragon can talk!

Hey look that dragon can talk!

6 days ago I went to the cinema to watch The Hobbit, with a friend who happens to like going to the movies just like me, he just doesn’t pay much of attention to them, so, when I asked him what did he think of the movie he said “the first one was better”

I respect people’s opinion just like anybody with a good sense of social interaction does, but after hearing that, I just started questioning myself and my choice in friends.

The first Hobbit my friend (I remember starting my clever reply this way) was amazing, it was different that TLOTR because it is another book, it was just the beginning of the adventure, but Smaug is definitely another level of amazing, more action, more adventure than the previous one, enough tension and it was engaging,  it finally felt like the prequel we were supposed to see.

The performances were strong, something we don’t get to see in adventure films, where the adventure is usually the main character, here, we’ve got great acting and a movie so perfectly directed it makes you feel real envy of those elves, dwarfs and orcs. So my friend, you are allowed to like the first one but I think denying the desolation of Smaug of the credit it deserves is wrong.

We parted ways, I felt empty inside, I felt I had an argument without a cause, against a wall, I vaguely recall comparing it to Two Towers and regretting it afterwards, never the less, I kept my soul clean and the satisfaction of watching a movie I waited 1 full year to see and felt really good at the end (unlike you, Iron Man).

Will I see this movie again? yes, I’ll just find some else to go with, maybe a dragon!

By LaTrosa


Django Unchained – Review

21 Jan

We have to thank Quentin Tarantino for giving to humanity through cinema the gift of vindication and the re-writing of history to help us make amends and forget our mistakes.

No N-words were harmed in the making of this film.

No N-words were harmed in the making of this film.

He is a story teller, and his movies have that splash of cruel reality, creating a self-made hero, who is here not to save us, but to fulfill his own agenda.

And hidden in incredible amounts of fake blood is the blood of the innocent that trough history have never received that sweet revenge. (whoever said revenge is a dish best served cold was wrong. A huge part of us will jump to the first chance of pay back, admit it.)

The soft history of a slave, and I say soft because even when we saw some over the top beatings and horrible human behavior, things were much worse, besides, this was not a period, themed specific movie, we have Lincoln or Argo for that, Django Unchained is an action dramedy set to portrait… well some people during the time of slavery!

An overall pleasant viewing with a few flaws, because nothing is perfect:

Why do we need the bad acting of Tarantino? he looked fat, with a horrible Australian accent and all I can say is thanks for blowing himself up.

Why hire the same actor for 2 different roles and kill him… I don’t get that!

Why would you dress anyone as Austin Powers?

Slavery is so wrong, and that part was very clear… the movie however … wasn’t! it was nice! Classic Tarantino.

By LaTrosa

P.S: Great casting!


23 Oct

I saw this movie too…

And even posted a very enthusiastic trailer earlier.

Stupid kid Listen to me, CUT DOWN THE CARBS!

BUT (yes, there is always one) and I am not saying the movie was bad or that I want my money back; Looper over-explained itself, and underestimated the audience.

We are intelligent people (well, I like to think that), the constant explaining about why and how  time travel and the repercussions of change were taking a lot of space from the very necessary action sequences.

It is a very good movie don’t get me wrong, reminds me of very old movies (like Universal Soldier) I enjoyed it,  much more than my companion, whom by the way, is regretting going with me… because of the above.

Because it was long overdue, a real original movie with brains into it and with 2 major actors OK maybe 3 major actors involved; I liked this movie, just not the attitude.

Acting was superb, I felt comfortable and well taken care of; we know what bad makeup can do to good people, in this case, makeup was another actor making Joseph Gordon-levitt look the part of a young Bruce Willis, maybe an even better looking one (And don’t get me started with the Rainmaker, that is some talent).

We will jump to the opportunity to give some heads up to our younger self  to try to avoid the mistakes of the future, specially telling you which people will try to kill you or break your heart (we all want to forget being dumped right?), what we don’t expect is to realize that the younger us was a douche and that the older us will be a selfish douche… CLEVER!

I recommend this film, we should all be getting used to new concept writing and time bending movies, refreshing and innovating proposals;  just need to let go of your egos and try to find the balance in storytelling because the potential is there.

Too much kissy kissy for my taste but all in all good entertainment.

By LaTrosa

I need fresh blood

26 Feb


The only war this planet needs is the war between Vampires and Lycans (werewolf)

After years of rejection I caved in, and my inner geek decided that it was time to watch this movies.

These movies are fun to watch and well made, really well written and engaging, and the sets, NICE! 

We are actually talking about flesh-eating, blood-sucking things, and if you are squeamish I recommend you to stay away from the film.

But it’s fun, the epic fights are so creative and at the same time so old school boxing that make you root for both sides at the same time and keep wanting more.

(don’t forget that no humans were harmed in the making of this movie)

In all fairness, girls might hate this movie y guys will love this movie.

But I gave it my 15 minutes and stood hooked to the screen.

I am a fan… so should you…

I will never look at blood the same way again.


By Latrosa

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