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The Hunger Games – Catching Fire

1 Dec

My feeling on sequels is as follows: They never live up to the expectations of the first one! including rare cases for animated films; but in this case the second installment of the franchise The Hunger Games managed to maintain a level of dignity a few of its kind could not (here is looking at you Iron Man).

You didn't need me for your freedom but now I am pissed!

You didn’t need me for your freedom but now I am pissed!

Although a bit long, due to the flashbacks and explaining for those who missed the first one, it was a fun, action filled, entertaining experience, we saw Katniss grow and Jennifer Lawrence perform brilliantly.

Now about the story, it is a book adaptation and is difficult to translate to the screen, but the essence is there; knowing it is “utopia” does not makeup for the fact that it turns predictable once you put children to kill each other to avoid an uprising…. seriously…. we know it is going to happen, it has to happen. It might sound funny, but the other story lines are more believable.

I know we will marathon watch The Hunger Games years from now as we do with TLOTR and Harry Potter and feel good we got to be entertained with style in 2013.

Bottom line, a good film from the beginning till the end…. I wasn’t even bothered that much by all the kissing.

By LaTrosa



ROBOCOP – Trailer

20 Nov

I know someone who would laugh at what I am about to say … But I think is watchable 🙂



G.I JOE Retaliation – Movie Trailer

9 Nov

A movie where Bruce Willis …. oh whatever.

I did NOT see the first movie… I wont see this one… NO WAY JOSE!

Please look at the trailer and you will agree with me.


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