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ROBOCOP – Trailer

20 Nov

I know someone who would laugh at what I am about to say … But I think is watchable 🙂




The Walking Dead season 4 Premiere

14 Oct

How fantastically spooky, tense and action packed was this episode, trouble in paradise has never felt so real, and to think that we know that even if last season walkers were not the center of the show, I am sure in this episode we got all the walkers we wanted.

I love this show, after Breaking Bad ended I needed it to keep my withdrawal  in check

Here is a preview of this amazing show, a season we can see getting back to its roots: Infection!

47 Ronin – Trailer

9 Oct

Or…”How to train your kung Fu panda in the matrix”… I am not very sure about this one… but we’ll just have wait and see.


Need for Speed – Trailer

29 Sep

I played this game so many times and it gets me excited to see Aaron Paul on the big screen…. kid is nice… but.. I can’t stop wondering if any other film out there covers the same scenario….

Divergent – Trailer

27 Aug

Half the people in this trailer look constipated… the other half …well they are trying too hard not to be!


House of Cards

11 Aug

I marathon watched house of cards, 13 episodes of some of the best “TV” writing, acting and producing in a very long time.

It is my new favorite, Netflix is really getting to my sweet spot!



The Hunger Games – Catching Fire – Trailer

20 Jul

I am not very excited with this trailer… something is off… to many things going on, I am kind of feeling like there is more drama and less action… ant way too much makeup!



PS: I am not commenting on the Emmy nominations because they are BLAH!


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