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Airplane Movie – The Croods

13 Apr

Flight sponsored by your stubborn, close minded self.

The Croods


This Nicolas Cage did not suck.

This Nicolas Cage did not suck.


Captain: Kirk De MiccoChris Sanders

Crew:  Nicolas CageRyan ReynoldsEmma Stone 

Destination: Continental drift.

Flight conditions: Nothing you have experienced before will resemble this.

Your seat: Sorry to tell you this, but,you will walk.

Black box recordings: We could recognize sounds of brain cells starting to evolve and populate cerebral frontal cortex.

By LaTrosa


PS: our heart goes to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.


Airplane Movie – Before Sunset

19 Jan

Flight sponsored by your failure to have guts.

This second time, I am sure things will make more sense.

This second time, I am sure things will make more sense.

Before Sunset

Captain: Richard Linklater

CrewEthan HawkeJulie Delpy

Destination: The place you wanted to be 10 years ago, but somehow managed to never get there.

Flight conditions: rushed, needy and desperately lonely.

Your seat: you will accommodate just about anywhere.

Black box recordings: Superficial mumbling of two people hiding behind polite conversation the reality of an empty life.

By LaTrosa

Airplane Movie – Before Sunrise

6 Jan

Flight sponsored by that adventurous person you once met but quickly ignored. YOU!

Before Sunrise

This opportunity wont pas us by.

These opportunities wont pass us by.

Captain: Richard Linklater

CrewEthan HawkeJulie Delpy

Destination: Somewhere between where you are now and where you want to be.

Flight conditions: Calm, relaxed, smooth… really sad!

Your seat: First come, first served.

Black box recordings: There was actually not a lot of time to figure out what they were going trough the moment of the crash, we just could hear two people talking about trivial things making them sound as if they really mattered.

By LaTrosa

Airplane Movie – American Beauty

7 Dec

Flight sponsored by the middle-aged you, laughing at the younger you. 

American Beauty

I am as real as a kick in the nuts.

I am as real as a kick in the nuts.

Captain:  Sam Mendes 

Crew:   Kevin SpaceyAnnette Bening

Destination: The drive through of your liking

Flight conditions: Itchy, surreal, fantasy filled and very depressing.

Your seat: It is first class, NOT, you are flying cargo.

Black box recordings: Sweet sounds, lovely voice of a sexy woman telling you, telling us, we suck at life.

By LaTrosa

Airplane Movie – Big Fish

7 Oct

Flight sponsored by the master mind of all of your fantasies and the life you wish you had.

Big Fish

If you are not seeing things clearly, imagine them first.

If you are not seeing things clearly, imagine them first.

Captain:  Tim Burton

Crew:  Ewan McGregorAlbert FinneyBilly Crudup

Destination: Most probably you wont believe me, so I’ll let you find out for yourself.

Flight conditions: A smooth ride with lots of stops to pick up some friends, booze and flowers for your girlfriend.

Your seat: You can sit anywhere, there are no chairs on this flight.

Black box recordings: Hear the deep sound of the silence surrounding your boring, uninteresting life… before you took this amazing flight.

By LaTrosa

Airplane Movie – Reality Bites

7 Sep

Flight sponsored by the nearest airline who didn’t go bankrupt!

Reality Bites

Dont be afraid to live!

Dont be afraid to live!

Captain:  Ben Stiller

Crew:  Winona RyderEthan HawkeJaneane Garofalo

Destination: Utopia

Flight conditions: This is a budget flight where you will have to pay for your seat belt and your hopes and dreams.

Your seat: Between the person you love and the life you want.

Black box recordings: Philosophical rumblings about how life is a script and we just fight to get out of it. Amazing music in the background, some people crying. It all just sounds too complicated… and it is not.

By LaTrosa

Airplane Movie – Something Borrowed

3 Aug

Flight sponsored by the lost opportunities of our lives, the chances we never took, and the moments we tried not to miss the plane.

Something Borrowed

If you don't fight for what you want... don't complain later.

If you don’t fight for what you want… don’t complain later.


Captain:  Luke Greenfield

Crew:  Ginnifer GoodwinKate HudsonColin Egglesfield

Destination: The Bermuda Triangle of love.

Flight conditions: Be afraid of looking out the window, be afraid of asking for more booze, be afraid of asking for an upgrade.

Your seat: You don’t actually know your seat, but you kind of like the one over there.

Black box recordings: Nobody aboard this vessel is supposed to be here, everyone took the wrong plane.

By LaTrosa

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