Dallas Buyers Club – Review

22 Jan

I know we’ve all had the experience of not really caring about what is happening on screen but rather paying more attention to whom is it happening… because in a film like Dallas Buyers Club, the characters and the acting were just simply mesmerizing, larger than the movie itself.

Dare to live and dare to give.

Dare to live and dare to give.

The transformation one actor can suffer in a movie is impressive in itself, but once you kind of forget the movie and you concentrate in the person, and the struggle, you see things different and the experience is way more intimate.

This is why I love cinema, the infrastructure as a whole works and delivers amazing things to us, but sometimes only one of those things is necessary to transcend, you don’t miss anything else, or just don’t pay attention to whatever else is happening, because not important.

Mathew and Jared slowly under-dogged  their way up to 2 of the most memorable and intense performances of  last year, part of a movie with a very important but ignored message, as a whole a good film, carried strongly by great acting .

And the lesson we should all get to work on: we might find ourselves in special situations where all of what we believe in will have a new meaning, when us turns to we and our own benefit will be secondary to a greater good… don’t panic if such thing happens, just don’t.

By LaTrosa


One Response to “Dallas Buyers Club – Review”

  1. thomasjford January 22, 2014 at 5:39 am #

    Agreed, this was a great film with two amazing performances. McConaughey carries on his run of hit after hit!

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