Airplane Movie – Something Borrowed

3 Aug

Flight sponsored by the lost opportunities of our lives, the chances we never took, and the moments we tried not to miss the plane.

Something Borrowed

If you don't fight for what you want... don't complain later.

If you don’t fight for what you want… don’t complain later.


Captain:  Luke Greenfield

Crew:  Ginnifer GoodwinKate HudsonColin Egglesfield

Destination: The Bermuda Triangle of love.

Flight conditions: Be afraid of looking out the window, be afraid of asking for more booze, be afraid of asking for an upgrade.

Your seat: You don’t actually know your seat, but you kind of like the one over there.

Black box recordings: Nobody aboard this vessel is supposed to be here, everyone took the wrong plane.

By LaTrosa

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