Margaret – 2011

29 Jun

Some of you might be aware of my opinion about adolescence… if you are not, here it is:


I am not sure growing up is a very good idea.

I am not sure growing up is a very good idea.

In Margaret, we get to see how the not fully developed brain of a teenager tries to understand the world. (not to get scientific or anything, but, neurons are not fully developed in our teens and hormones run amok). I am sure about one thing, a drama with such a deep understanding of my earlier stated fact has rarely been made.

This film is one of those moments where few things combine to very positive results:

The writing – New YorkAnna Paquin

The story is not what we think it is about. From the get go we are drawn to believe we are here to see the story about a girl and an accident she witnessed, nope, it was about how a teenager learns to deal with the things that will shape up its future, the growing up, that obligatory scenario we all must reach.

New York is one of my favorites in terms of back drops, it gives a heaviness, an importance, something would make a film élite just by showing the Brooklyn bridge in my opinion. It created a nest of protection towards this girl wanting to do the right thing, it was an accomplice and an enemy.

Anna Paquin was superb in this film, I am rarely amazed by her acting because I know she can pull it off, but this time she gave a great performance that went unrecognized. I was really absorbed by her, I identified and believed her story.

I recommend every parent of a teenager see this movie, to get some perspective, to try not to go nuts when they feel their teenager is “slipping” away; we all grew out of those horrible years, it depends on the support and patience of everyone around how we will manage from then on.

By LaTrosa

PS:Is this is a film for grown ups? possibly!


2 Responses to “Margaret – 2011”

  1. Tom June 30, 2013 at 1:55 am #

    Hey, great review!! I really enjoyed hearing a different perspective on this one — esp. about the fact that NYC really provided Margaret a “fortress of solitude” of sorts. Even with her involvement in that (insanely graphic) accident, she couldn’t help but seek other places to help her get through it all. This situation would make one want to grow up and find out how the world works in a hurry! If you’d like, you can check out what I had to say about this thing over at

    • LaTrosa June 30, 2013 at 7:26 am #

      Thanks, I am glad you liked it… i will give your review a look.

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