Out of season!

23 May

grimm 2

It is the end of TV´s most engaging season and I am finally going to get some rest! Summer here I come!

Here is in short how it ended for me, one thing, cliff hangers are my thing.. I am glad I did not get many of those, I’m not in the mood!

How I Met Your Mother:  We have to stop being excited, the fact that we know who the umbrella girl is doesn’t mean Ted does,  God knows when will he actually meet her.

The Big Bang theory: I don’t mind Rajesh being able to talk to girls, my problem is that he is now much more of a girl than before! I can hear him whining already.

Grimm: I enjoy this show so much, the same way I loved Supernatural at the very beginning; this season was very engaging and the season finale was a very good surprise, I am mostly looking forward to this show next season.

The Good Wife: I am pretty sure next season will show us how the good wife is not so good! It gets spicier with time!

Once Upon a Time: The whole season was filled with ups and downs, felt lost and weird, much like a chicken without a head, that being said, I think next season will be more consistent with the fairy tale world and we kind of needed it.

Greys Anatomy: Trouble in paradise is the usual theme here, this time however, the drama was spot on, one of the strongest in years, is Richard dead?

The whole season was very good in general for most of the TV shows I follow, I actually didn’t drop any of them so… Good right?

Until the next season starts we have to see Game of Thrones end and the start of Dexter for the final year!

Cannot wait to see how that one ends… here is a good view of what lies ahead.


By LaTrosa


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