Star Trek – Into Darkness – Review

19 May

If I could measure my anticipation, my heart beats a gazillion times and my hair is falling!

What wouldn't you do for your crew!

What wouldn’t you do for your crew!

As with all my Star  Trek experiences both on TV or cinema, I tend to enter them with a clear mind ready to be taken into an adventure; but my expectations overwhelm me and I start to freak out and read too much into every detail.

I liked the film, in general it was pleasant and without major incidents, it just felt in parts as if too much drama was inserted, and that part felt a bit off, other than that, I am happy! I had fun and was really into it… maybe I needed more action, I might have to give it a second viewing… I don’t mind that at all!

All the great references to Wrath of Kahan and the TV series, the growing bond of the crew, plus the great performances made this film a part of those movie franchises that can go on for a very long time appealing to newer generations and the old Trekkie.

It was fun and it was smart, a movie that without any doubt establishes itself as cultural icon.

J.J. Abrams did with Star Trek Into Darkness what it did to Super 8, gave us an action dramedy, I am liking him a lot as a director lately…  but I am not sure it will do something remarkable with Star Wars, other that squeezing himself into the time periods where Darth Vader was still alive… I don’t know… that is whole different topic.

So good start for the summer … now back to finals!

By LaTrosa

PS: Boy was I impressed with Benedict Cumberbatch…


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