Invictus Movie Review

1 May

I know must of you have seen Invictus by now,  to tell you the truth I just did a couple of minutes ago and had to rush to write my review.

Ask yourself what can you do for yourself!

Ask yourself what can you do for yourself!

And I was lost for words for a while, could not even begin, but then I remembered a fantastic thing said to me by that voice in my head (Morgan Freeman): “forgiveness is a powerful weapon”.

Because it was the reason of the film, fighting with one word, teaching all of us how to forgive those who have hurt us; the hard way but the effective way to look past the mistakes of others and find the good in them. Lets face it, holding a grudge takes us nowhere, and we need to achieve greatness right?

This is history, it cannot get better than this, you cannot touch reality in any other way other than re-telling it, and Clint Eastwood has done it, as with all his movies, he makes you feel sorry you were not there, part of it… you realize you were totally wasting your time while the world was happening, what were you doing… probably playing on your Nintendo or something!

These are the stories to tell, the motivation we need from time to time to grow and to love and be brave… and to go out and get in the mud and play anything, do anything you love doing, reach out and be awesome, to yourself first, then to others.

It has been a while since I have seen a film that leaves me in such good spirits, and as it was recommended to me by someone whose opinion I value, I recommend it to you today without hesitation.

Good movie.

By LaTrosa

P.S: “…I am the captain of my soul” how clever is that!


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