The Walking Thrones

9 Apr

I took my time trying to figure out how to review my 2 favorite shows, on one hand, I was loosing my zombies, and on the other I was getting back to my throne and that was the perfect balance. Decided to blend them…

The walking dead

Game-of-Thrones-Poster-9I could also use  “Game of Dead”

HOWEVER, I was not feeling the need to wait another year for The Walking Dead, I mean, I loved the season of “killing the living” but still… the ending was not a cliff hanger, and I need those to be hooked for longer on TV shows, so… well… there were some sad moments, and other brutal ones but nothing that kept me wanting for more, except for the fact that apparently the weird hallucinations every show has to go trough, are now over…

Then Game of Thrones, my sweet longing, my every Sunday  the reason I …. well, you get me, I adore this show, BUT this première was less impressive than the trailer but I guess it is an executive call to make a fantastic series look more like a soap. Eh, it might be that my vision is blurred by last season where so many amazing things happened… so, I am not quitting, just lowering my expectations a little bit.

One thing I want to note: Good stuff with Jon Snow and his new realm… giants… nice…

And the other… the potential army of psychotic killers for Daenerys Targaryen… priceless! shut up and take my money!

Well, I will be writing this weekend about the upcoming season endings for the remaining shows… I hope…




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