Killing them Softly – Review

30 Mar

I know what happened!

Listen, this film is not as bad, it is just a bit confused.

I will kill you by boring you to death!

I will kill you by boring you to death!

On one hand you have the director wanting to be somewhere in the middle between Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino. On the other you have the writer trying to adapt a book, without missing on the thrilling drama and the main reason for this movie … Killing them Softly.

And this confusion made the movie fail in both!

Well… maybe because the same guy directed and adapted… could have something to do with it!

What more can I say…

I was not really sure casting was good too, don’t get me wrong  I love my piece of Brad Pitt any time, but here he kind of felt down in his energy, I am not sure I understood everything he said and he was not scary killer, or cold blooded… he was just sexy.

There were a couple of moments where good cinema was made like the scene where Brad kills Ray Liotta “softly” is really impressive, or that ever-present humidity… it was weird, uncomfortable and added to the general feel of struggle.

Look, I get the general Idea of the film, or maybe not I don’t know, I think it wanted to show a more organized kind of killing machine… for hire… negotiating… 😦

I get that is shows how life was still going on when America was making democracy relevant again. And I get it was supposed to be violent, you know, for all the blood, beatings and shooting… well… kind of…

… better get cracking on the next review… hopefully from a more consistent film.

By LaTrosa

Edit: the soundtrack however… a horse of a different color.


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