Bernie – Review

29 Mar

I have to be honest with you all, I was not really going to watch this film, I have read far too many reviews of it and didn’t say much.

You have never met a person like me... and you never will!

You have never met a person like me… and you never will!

I was really impressed by a couple of things.

One, at the beginning  it was mentioned it was a true story, and I ignored it, because it looked too weird for me you know, how the story developed; an incredible likable guy who can do everything, sings amazingly beautiful, helps people, and is a mortician or funeral home director.

The whole thing was turning into a mockumentary, with all the interviews… it all sounded too weird to be real… IT WASN’T FAKE! at the end it all made sense… well played Bernie… Well played, come on, I even thought they guy was dead!

Second, the acting was pretty impressive, I was sure there were some actors involved, there were others who weren’t, I mean, some raw talent over there, and the things they said truly felt unscripted, it was a revelation.

I was not sure if the film was a dramedy or a comedy or a light drama, but, I know that it was a different kind of story with a different kind of making.

Not bad! And at the end of the day, nothing much happens in this film except for the undertones.

By LaTrosa

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