Beasts of the Southern Wild – review

23 Mar

There are a bunch of things that make us who we are!

I am strong I am 5 years old but you can count on me for everything!

The circumstances that bring us to this world, our surroundings, everything is completely out of our control, we just have to be lucky I guess, and be born with big cojones!

Beasts of the Southern Wild is an amazing film with a particularity… imagination is more than necessary!

Let’s be real for one moment, when you have your hands full, trying to make sense of the world around you… ain’t nobody got time for that!

However in this case everything is achieved with balance,  the life of a wild child is bearable and explained by handling reality and fantasy masterfully.

There is a heaviness in the air, you feel during the entire time that you are witnessing a child being prepared for something, and at the same time you don’t want to know what it is.

Films like this, with very little fiction in them if you ask me, are the ones that separate men from mice!

This is a very hard movie to watch, to get to the end with a dry eye is an accomplishment in itself, but, the most amazing thing that will happen… you will never be the same again.

There are things in this life no child should carry, and I can start listing all of them but one thing is true, children are so incredibly smart that if we as grown-ups didn’t suck so much, we would let things go differently, and the world would be a better place.

A movie worth its praise, a film to shake your beliefs.

By LaTrosa

PS: Dear beloved sisters, cousins, mom, aunts… watch this film at your own risk.


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