Last Century Film – The Mask – 1994

16 Feb

oh the 90s, that mythical era were, well, good comedy was made!

This is me on the inside on the outside!

This is me on the inside on the outside!

And people were young and silly.

A colorful and fast paced comedy for its time, with Jim Carrey still discovering how good of a comedian he could be and Cameron Dias …. yes … SO!

As far as phantasy goes the film managed it quite gracefully, it also introduced the first canine I did not hate in a film, the story was unbelievably plausible in my opinion and that made it even funnier.

I loved about it specially the cartoon-like scenarios, they helped me identify more with the concept of the film and the overall silliness.

The Mask is a comedy classic, very funny and very unique, since then, a comedy of such characteristics is hard to find. Even if we can barely remember it or don’t know about it the film looms in the distance as that comedy that while never going over the top, it had the potential of doing so and people would still love it.

Reminiscent of the past? babysitting? this movie might be for you!

PS: Avoid at all costs re-makes or sequels they suck so much!

By LaTrosa


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