Battle Royale (2000) – Film Review

31 Jan

I have wanted to watch Battle Royale for a while, 13 years ago I was not paying attention to cinema much less Japanese, but let me tell you one thing:

Be careful how you speak to your elders because they are the law!

Be careful how you speak to your elders because they are the law!

This is a damn fine movie (for my criteria obviously, which comprehends the cubic meters of blood spilled, multiplied by the kilometers traveled by victims divided by the number of ponies featured in the film).

The mother of the Hunger Games, on steroids!

Up until now, I had never concluded how hard it is for a teenager to transition to adulthood, so much that movies like this get made and we just don’t get them until later in our lives.

The film, is very simple, the grown ups will not kill teenagers who – in their opinion are running out of control, but rather create a law to make them kill each other during a 3 day rampage, on a deserted island… only one winner.

YES, because if you can deal with this, you are ready to face the real world… great strategy fellas!

Anyhow, the movie itself teaches you tons of things about yourself, loyalty, self-preservation, love, youth and the people in this planet who think have it all figured out… oh the irony… oh the payback… oh the short sight!

One of the great sentences of the film courtesy of someone you should trust a trillion percent: your teacher!

“It is hard when your friends die on you… but hang in there”

Go take a look at this thrilling Japanese film… totally worth it.

here is a trailer for you.

By LaTrosa


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