The Following – TV show review

24 Jan

I wondered this past few weeks what new show to start following (see what I did there?)… turns out I have missed Keving Bacon much more than I had anticipated because boy was I eager to watch his new show… The Following.

Unlike the other FBIcop shows like Criminal Minds or CSI, this one from the get go is going brutal, and, at least they know who are they dealing with without running around speculating; a dynamic fast paced show, lots of possible scenarios and thrilling moments… lots of blood but we are talking evil here, unlike Dexter, the serial killer is the Queen bee.

I plan to continue watching this series because, 1. Bacon. 2. The immense possibilities to look at a new criminal drama with new writing. 3. Bacon

Here is the trailer… as I have said… brutal!


By LaTrosa


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