Django Unchained – Review

21 Jan

We have to thank Quentin Tarantino for giving to humanity through cinema the gift of vindication and the re-writing of history to help us make amends and forget our mistakes.

No N-words were harmed in the making of this film.

No N-words were harmed in the making of this film.

He is a story teller, and his movies have that splash of cruel reality, creating a self-made hero, who is here not to save us, but to fulfill his own agenda.

And hidden in incredible amounts of fake blood is the blood of the innocent that trough history have never received that sweet revenge. (whoever said revenge is a dish best served cold was wrong. A huge part of us will jump to the first chance of pay back, admit it.)

The soft history of a slave, and I say soft because even when we saw some over the top beatings and horrible human behavior, things were much worse, besides, this was not a period, themed specific movie, we have Lincoln or Argo for that, Django Unchained is an action dramedy set to portrait… well some people during the time of slavery!

An overall pleasant viewing with a few flaws, because nothing is perfect:

Why do we need the bad acting of Tarantino? he looked fat, with a horrible Australian accent and all I can say is thanks for blowing himself up.

Why hire the same actor for 2 different roles and kill him… I don’t get that!

Why would you dress anyone as Austin Powers?

Slavery is so wrong, and that part was very clear… the movie however … wasn’t! it was nice! Classic Tarantino.

By LaTrosa

P.S: Great casting!

3 Responses to “Django Unchained – Review”

  1. sanclementejedi January 21, 2013 at 7:38 pm #

    I sort of liked both of Django’s velvet suits the blue and the green. Nice write up on one of my favorite films of the year. Despite anything Spike Lee has to say about it. 😉

    first time checking out your blog and I enjoyed it.

    • LaTrosa January 21, 2013 at 7:41 pm #

      Thank you for visiting, I am glad you like it… It was just after a good night sleep I woke up with Austin Powers in my head! Mr. Lee better come up with something worth praising otherwise he would be smashed.


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