Argo – Review

16 Jan

Of course I had to review this movie next!

No I know why Hollywood is useful!

No I know why Hollywood is useful!

I am specially curious about movies that tell a real story, and you know Hollywood does too!

Thanks to President Bill Clinton, this movie was possible, and the world got to know what creativity and responsibility can do to save lives.

I liked this movie more than I expected, I have liked Ben Affleck‘s directorial jobs these past few years and he has turned into a careful and detailed director that can balance a story written by the actions of others.

OK, the movie felt so normal, as if living in 1980 was natural for all of us, and that is impressive, the story was not rushed and the intensity and higher point of the film is one you would not expect.

He deserved  it, the Golden Globe, not the Ang Lee did not deserve it better, but I get why he got the award, he took the colors, the atmosphere, his actors, the frustration of “the system” and a tense story to give the world a film that glues to the chair, makes us root for the good guys and redefines our sense of priorities (without over reacting in the personal drama).

The soundtrack was also very interesting, it was the driver of this ludicrous adventure.

So, bottom line, this is a movie well done!

By LaTrosa


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