That’s My Boy – Review

29 Dec

Movie myth broken: Adam Sandler cannot make movies anymore!

I must admit that after his earlier debacle, he was a doomed actor and producer and I decided to black list the guy; but a couple of days ago, I had a feeling I had to see That’s My Boy, knowing I will maybe quit it after 15 minutes.

The story of a guy who needs speech therapy.

The story of a guy who needs speech therapy.

To my surprise however, the first 15 minutes where Sandler free so, I kept on going… half an hour in and on the way to write a mean review… the jokes and the story, the characters and Robocop created in front of my very eyes a very funny movie, that if not, the best comedy of the year.

Every actor involved had such a defined character and story line that it created a very natural ensemble making the situation believable without exaggerating; an infusion of over the top here and there creating funny jokes and situations.

Well, everyone except Sandler, HE WAS HORRIBLE! in his unidentifiable accent he participated in the movie not by being a central pillar but a hook that drags us from scene to scene hopefully using his role more as a cameo, his character had no back bone and 70% of the time you could not understand a thing he said.

… or that is what I want to believe, I was actively ignoring the guy.

You have to watch the movie to be able to find easily what is wrong with it, and it is Sandler, other than that, it had moments of hilarity, some movies this year would have loved to include.

I wont recommend it, it is just those kind of movies you end up watching by accident and don’t end up hating your life.

Oh I almost forgot, Vanilla Ice was funny and Andy Samberg I want to keep watching him on the big screen.

By LaTrosa


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