Ted – Review

26 Dec

Not necessarily a very Christmas-y movie but I had to watch it before the new year.

Pull my finger

Pull my finger

I am not a hater of Seth MacFarlane, because you know, there is no grey with him, either you are in, or out, love him or hate him and I get him, don’t take his humor personal and see things with a certain neutrality so to get the jokes (a certain degree of popular culture and you will be okay for at least half his jokes).

Ted is the film he decided to show himself with, people to get to know him as a voice instead of a face. A romantic comedy that was neither too romantic or too funny, instead, in trying to achieve balance it felt plain and flavorless, as if it was too afraid to take a risk.

I think it is easier to take a risk on cinema than on TV but it was his choice.

What I found interesting about Ted is that it took a safe place, the teddy bear, and made him the evil version of ourselves, the result of all the years of frustrations, complains, tears, and punches a companion like that has to undertake to stay by our side; all that whining has to damage anything, specially little fluffy animals.

This teddy bear is best friends with  Mark Whalberg´s character and girlfriend Mila Kunis, he is a third wheel and co-dependant sociopath who refuses to realize that his life is his own… but in the film at the end it doesn’t matter.

Come to think of it, stop one second and look at your best friend and compare it to Ted, any similarities is pure coincidence?

The movie was complete, or as I call it movie making 101, the kind of movie you don’t want to screw up, because you know a lot of eyes will be on you, so better not disappoint, it did not; giggly and engaging, but nothing truly memorable or quote worthy.

So all those stars and points and tomatoes the movie is getting in the review world are probably true, it is a decent film that despite all the cursing, bad manners and doubtful behavior it still managed to grab our attention and curiosity to see what his creator will come up with next.

By LaTrosa

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