Cheap Thrills – Who is holding on!

4 Dec

Most of the TV shows I follow are well advanced, around their 10th episode give or take, even reaching their season finale.

Some are holding on strong, others, not so good so I give you top and bottom TV shows right now.

Bottom Shows:

Last couple of seasons the following shows have been solid, but now they are slowly showing signs of decay.

Besides, there are very few TV shows that are running longer than a soap, somehow I think going over the season 5 mark, my expectations start running wild.

How I met your motherSons of AnarchySupernatural


How I met your mother: This show is a chicken without a head. It can´t be so damn difficult, 8 seasons of pure and single NOTHING!  that is only acceptable in SEINFELD…find the woman already, so we can give Happy Endings a try!

 Sons of Anarchy: The show lost me last season due to the Shakespearean drama looking too fart fetched; I usually enjoyed it and the web of trouble, but suddenly it kind of went too far.

 Supernatural: I was a late bloomer to this show, and even catch up on it if it survives, it also has a huge following and that is ok, but again, it is going around in circles and revisit stories and feelings and … forget it… if it wants to survive it should bring something catchy to the table, the Angels Vs Demons thing was awesome… stick to such stuff!

Top Shows:

The following 2 shows are for me the very best!

dexter Dexter: If a show has kept quality and good writing, together with spectacular performances is this one, this season we have gotten to the extents of murder in ways we feel more comfortable with; this show has forever changed the way we look at blood.


The-Big-Bang-Theory-CBS-season-6-2012-poster The Big Bang Theory: The show has had a comeback without precedent, slowly turning into a classic, this show was not very strong at the beginning of the season but after episode 4 things turn very funny, besides, is one comedy out there without an agenda.



Other TV shows like The Walking Dead and The Good Wife and Modern Family are keeping a standard that keeps me interested enough and entertained.

Greys Anatomy, on the other hand has returned with a fresh more relaxed atmosphere allowing for the real medical drama to flourish, it feels like an old show but new, a very comfortable show.

Now, Once Upon a Time….. IS FAILING! a show that had such a strong first season it looks like it is struggling to find stories and connections because you´ve got to be kidding me… ZOMBIES? I am so close to dropping this show.

In January I will update this TV review to give things some more time to get fixed.

By LaTrosa


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