Penelope- 2006 – Review

28 Nov

A romantic comedy with a bit of fantasy, In theory it can work, in this movie, it kind of did.

Too bad nobody saw it because is a very decent Popcorn movie.

Love yourself first then try loving someone else.

The story is very solid too and the actors involved are in my opinion all guilty of being part of some serious entertainment and below I will mention just a few:

Richard E. GrantWithtnail & I

Catherine O´Hara – Best in Show

Christina Ricci Monster

Peter DinklageGame of Thrones

James McAvoyAtonement

Great cast, in one part you feel it was underappreciated or under exposed (I rather see this movie a gazillion times over than New Years Eve… right?) and the other I think it was a trust issue between the people and Reese Witherspoon, she was there but kind of wasnt, she was producing but her participation felt like Timbaland showing up on One Republic´s  album, trying to make it better but it wasnt necessary.

In general it is a nice collection movie for the family, and the romantic type.

It deserved a chance… lovely movie Penelope!

By LaTrosa

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