Moneyball – Review

26 Nov

This movie was not given its real praise… Baseball is not that interesting for everyone.

It is not about winning, it is about winning all the time!

And it is normal to under appreciate a life adaptation, because most of us have seen it unfold in front of our very eyes; it is only there when we watch on the big screen the events unfolding when we can appreciate the real meaning of everything that happened.

Moneyball, showed two main things.

1. The undeniable power of a real life drama when brought to the big screen. In theory we are all a great movie waiting to happen, but the right one can generate a new kind of following, the need for a great story is so important for the future of cinema that we overlook sometimes the next door folk. Moneyball might just be a baseball movie, but, in retrospect is the way reality should translate to cinema.

2. Actors need to act, and some even go to producing to do it (actors claim it is what they love to do, but lets face it, money is in producing and in producing are the good roles), are those roles the ones that have brought most of the award-winning performances and nominations.

This film is no exception, most of the actors got nominations, recognizing the talent to portray real life as their own and  the capacity to make a true story movie look lees like a documentary.

This is a movie I will even watch on TV re-runs on some holiday, is so not boring and a movie for my collection.

Besides, Brad Pitt is getting better with age… like Jack Nicholson or Whiskey.


By Latrosa

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