A Fantastic Fear of Everything – Review

22 Nov

Simon Pegg is a talented comedian, he has pleased us for a while with movies like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. A Fantastic Fear of Everything  however, although very creative and funny, it was not at the level of his earlier work, let me tell you why.

The story was too wide and if it was a spider it will have too many legs. At some point it even over explained itself steeling from his performance the naturalism  encrypted in his work.

Fear of everything

I am afraid this film was not what I hoped for.

He plays a writer absorbed by his imagination and its rapid expansion, creating an alternative world hunted by his characters turned evil, on top of that, he is not very swiftly moving from children books to mystery books.Big part of the movie he is afraid of his own shadow in his own home, and that is the weird part, his characters are not there, he is not afraid of them there, his fear shows up way after he has to get out of his home (which he does very easily for his level of paranoia), so in my view there was no connection between home and outside, except maybe for the physical comedy.

Ok I enjoyed the film, there was a very funny situation in the laundromat driving me to tears, but the comedy was less than the explanations.

Here is hoping for a better next time because this should not tarnish his résumé.

By LaTrosa

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