Last Century – Philadelphia 1993

3 Nov

Remember that disease AIDS? the one nobody talks about anymore?

apparently the things you don’t talk about they go away… NOT TRUE! But we kind of forget about things we are afraid of.

I have no right to tell you how to live your life… but … use protection…

The movie Philadelphia, is a movie who reaches many of us in different ways, but it was not a pamphlet or a paid service for awareness, it is a lesson on basic discrimination, ignorance and real unconditional love.

The film follows the last months of life of a lawyer fighting against his unfair dismissal from the firm he worked for; played perfectly by Tom Hanks earning him an Academy Award; he was alone in his fight due to the fear of other lawyers to represent him, but he got Denzel Washington to do it after he saw how unfair and ridiculous ignorance can get.

This movie is a classic, a masterpiece, with the melancholy and sadness present throughout, death looms and the embarrassing questions get answered; the raw picture of living with AIDS is drawn in front of your eyes and how it affects not only your closest circle but a great extent of everything you have ever done, whoever you have spoken to, touched and loved.

In retrospect this film is educational, teaching us how not to take things for granted, avoid stereotypes, educate yourself about the reality of  threats surrounding us, and most importantly, TO KEEP CALM!

Great movie, great experience, heart breaking and heart warming at the same time.

By LaTrosa


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