Once Upon A time

31 Oct

Once upon a time… and then Batman showed up.

I am taking a break from my movie review because I wanted to drop a line or two about this show. And also because it fits right into  holloween celebrations!


Frankenstein? really? dudes please, this is not cool!

We got an explanation about how the Hat was a portal device for not 1 but 2 other worlds, but  jumping from the fairy tale world to the science fiction world is too much!

I know it can get tricky, as you should know, there is this show called GRIMM (more on that later) where the “original” fairy tales are, less orthodox more mythological and from the get go we experienced more fiction in the drama, including the fact that this show is not family oriented.

But Once Upon A Time is a family show, undertaking a monumental task of transforming our views to the fairy tale and giving a human soul and dynamic to their characters; achieving it in the first season with amazing mystery, drama and plot.  Now we find that the story line has been “modified” and is trying justify the hiring of an actor.

Not all the characters ended up doing the same thing in their own world and in this one, so why to make this doctor do the same? he could be anyone, anything, but not a science fiction character it is not making sense.

I do get how the story wrapped around the fact that it was this doctor Frankenstein who helped create the monster of Regina, that was clear and well explained, still, it was too far-fetched.

I will still watch the series as there are other back stories I want to see get solved, in the mean time, I hope I don’t get to see R2D2 or Moby Dick

Mary Shelley is turning in her grave!

By Latrosa


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